Fitbit’s ‘most advanced’ Charge 4 is now available in the UAE

The new Fitbit Charge 4 might just be a great way to keep track of your health, sleep and wellness in these troubling times

Lifestyle photo of Fitbit Charge 4.

In these troubling times when taking care of our health is of utmost importance, Fitbit has launched their new Charge 4. The Charge series has been their most successful series in many markets and the Charge 4 hopes to keep that up. The device will be available for pre-order on April 6th 2020 on

Fitbit claims that the Charge 4 has their most advanced combination of sensors and features as well as GPS and Spotify – ‘Connect & Control’ (available to Spotify premium users). The smartwatch is said to have a week’s battery-life, is swimproof, sleek and affordable.

Active Zone Minutes

Fitbit’s latest addition to the way you measure fitness are their ‘Active Zone Minutes’. With Fitbit’s PurePulse 24/7 heart rate tracking, Active Zone Minutes uses your personalized heart rate zones to track your effort for any energizing activity, whether doing a HIIT workout, power yoga or taking a vigorous walk outside.

Earn credit for each minute of moderate activity in fat burn zone and double the credit for vigorous activity in cardio and peak zones – Active Zone Minutes does the math for you so you can quickly understand how many you need to reach your daily and weekly goals. Get real-time alerts on your wrist each time you change zones so you can push harder or scale back to make your workouts more efficient. After a workout, see a detailed summary of your heart rate zones in the Fitbit app, including progress toward your goals, so you can continue challenging yourself to make every minute count. 

Active Zone Minutes are based on recommendations from leading health organizations, including the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association, who recommend getting 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week, which has been linked to better overall health and well-being, disease prevention, improved cognitive function, less anxiety and better sleep.

Body and GPS

The Fitbit Charge 4 is designed to remain in the same design esthetic as previous generations but comes with GPS too. The Charge 4 is designed to have a ightweight, swimproof design which should be comfortable for all-day (and night) wear, featuring an inductive button, a scratch-resistant screen and a bright, crisp touchscreen display that is easy to view in natural light. 

The inclusion of GPS bring many new features including seven GPS-enabled exercise modes, including a new outdoor workout mode for any outdoor activity like hiking, running or a brisk walk. After completing a GPS-enabled workout, sync your device for a GPS-powered heat map in the Fitbit app where you can see your workout intensity, based on your different heart rate zones along your route, to help you visualize and improve how you are performing against different terrain. 

Improved Sleep Features

The Fitbit Charge 4 is going to come with Smart Wake, feature which uses machine learning to wake you up at an optimal time depending on your sleep pattern. The Charge 4 will also come with other features such as Sleep Score, Sleep Mode, alarms and so on.

The Charge 4 also features a relative SpO2 sensor, which powers Fitbit’s Estimated Oxygen Variation Graph in the Fitbit app. With the graph, see an estimate of the oxygen level variability in your bloodstream, which may indicate variations in your breathing during sleep. 

Other Features

Spotify – Connect and Control

Spotify Premium users can control their playlist, change tracks, choose your music output and much more right from the Fitbit Charge 4


Never miss an alert with on-screen call, text, agenda and app notifications, and keep in touch with family and friends with quick replies on Android to respond on-the-go (when the phone is nearby) or mute alerts with Do Not Disturb mode.

Fitbit Pay

Now standard on all Charge 4 devices, make secure payments from your wrist with Fitbit Pay with nearly 500 issuers at retailers in 44 countries and 10 transit systems worldwide, including Al Hilal Bank, Emirates NBD, Najm & RAKBANK in the UAE.

Fitbit Premium

Fitbit Premium is a paid subscription service in the Fitbit app that you can access conveniently from your phone, whenever you need it and no matter where you are. Leveraging insights from 10+ years of data along with academic and medical expertise, Premium delivers customized guided programs, advanced sleep tools, personal insights, thousands of workouts, new challenges and a health report to help you move more, sleep better and eat well. 

To support their users and help people stay active at home during today’s difficult times, Fitbit is offering 40 new pieces of Premium content free in the Fitbit app. In addition, anyone new to Fitbit Premium can get a 90-day free trial of this paid subscription, which includes personalized health insights, guidance, advanced sleep tools, customized programs and 200+ workouts from brands like barre3Daily Burnobé fitnessPhysique 57POPSUGAR and Yoga Studio: Mind & Body.

Pricing and Availability

The Fitbit Charge 4 and Charge 4 Special Edition are exclusively available for pre-order from April 06, 2020 in the UAE on Both editions will be available starting April 15th 2020 in larger retail stores that will be open and online. Charge 4 is available for Dh699 in black, rosewood and storm blue/black. Charge 4 Special Edition is available for Dh799 in an exclusive granite reflective/black woven band plus a classic black band to easily swap out for workouts or a sportier look.

Active Zone Minutes will be available first on Fitbit Charge 4, then will roll out to all Fitbit smartwatches, coming soon. Fitbit Premium launched late last year and is available now for Dh40/month or Dh330/year. 


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