Fitbit’s Climb Together challenge saw UAE residents climb the equivalent of 3.25 times the height of Mount Everest


The recently concluded Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) 2021 saw 1.65 million participants. Fitbit returned for the third consecutive year as the Official Health and Wellness Partner of DFC and inspired UAE residents to take on new challenges.

Climb Together

This year, Fitbit introduced Climb Together, which was a stair-climbing workout challenge. It saw 1,219 participants use their combined strength to climb 201,265 stairs or 28,780 meters of vertical height. This is equivalent to 3.25 times the height of Mount Everest. UAE residents used their combined physical strength to complete this challenge. But people’s own definition of strength now encompasses much more than just physical strength.

Participants at Fitbit’s Climb Together challenge

According to a UAE survey conducted on behalf of Fitbit by Course5 Intelligence, 50 per-cent of respondents recognize strength as a combination of mental and physical traits. Moreover, 33 per-cent defined strength as the ability to deal with the stresses and challenges that life could present in our daily lives.

Success of DFC

DFC gave UAE residents of all ages and abilities an opportunity to have a broader view of the key aspects of our health. In addition to motivating and supporting residents, Fitbit also organized an interactive consumer event. This was in collaboration with fitness experts to foster conversations around the importance of physical and mental health.


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