Fitbit Versa is a rethought Ionic, keeping women in mind


The Fitbit Ionic wasn’t as successful as the company would’ve hoped but definitely showed the company’s potential in the smartwatch segment. Taking this potential the company makes another attempt at creating a value-for-money fitness tracking smartwatch. 

Fitbit Versa – Body

One of the biggest issues with the Fitbit Ionic was its shape and size. It was beefed up with huge bezels and had just an unnecessarily large body. While it was comfortable to wear it just looked too huge. Keeping this in mind, the Fitbit Versa comes with a heavily redesigned “squircle” body, smaller bezels, sleeker edges and way more customisation options than the Ionic. 

Fitbit Versa Family
Fitbit Versa Family

The screen on the ionic is 1.34″ which makes it a bit smaller than the 38mm Apple Watch. The colour options include Black, Silver and Rose Gold. There are also multiple strap options, which are made off materials such as leather, woven cloth, metal and silicone. 

Fitbit Versa – Specifications

There is still a lack of information on the exact specifications of the device but the 145mAh battery is supposed to give 4 days of battery-life. This extended battery-life is possible due to the lack of GPS on the device. 

Fitbit Pay also comes to the Versa but only on a more expensive NFC-enabled version of the smartwatch. 

The device will use the PurePulse heart-rate tracker which has always had great reviews on previews devices, so only the same or more could be expected from the Versa.

Fitbit Versa – Fitness


At the heart of it all the Fitbit Versa is still a fitness oriented device. Fitness features wire its most differentiating factor with the Ionic is the lack of GPS. So if you go running, cycling, hiking and such, outdoors then you will need to use the Connected GPS feature which means you need to have your phone on you too. Honestly, I think this is a very small sacrifice considering the claimed 4 day battery-life being provided. 


Normal step and sleep tracking come along in the package. There’s also no issues with using it for a swim but its unclear whether it’ll track laps. 


Fitbit Coach with its on-screen workouts and rating system comes to the Fitbit Versa too. It’ll also show breathing tutorials which the Ionic has before it. 


The main new highlighted feature in the Versa is for women. The smartwatch will help women track their menstrual cycle. Later in the year, the Fitbit app will receive an update which will allow women to log their menstrual cycle. This is to keep record so as to have a better understanding of fluctuations and patterns in their health, while maintaining their fitness and sleep. This isn’t the first time such a feature has been used but it is a first time for Fitbit and is a great step forward. 

Fitbit Versa – Pricing and Availability 

The Fitbit Versa will be available in the UAE in April this year and will cost Dh899 for the regular devices and Dh999 for the special edition watches.