Fitbit releases stylish Alta

Fitbit Alta
The Alta has a reported five-day battery life and comes in plastic, leather and metallic styles

Fitbit announced the new, and very stylish, Alta fitness bracelet. Considering the wearable brand’s CES release, the Blaze, it looks like Fitbit is paying a decent amount of attention to the look and feel of their devices.

It knows your workout

Like the Blaze, the Alta‘s newest and biggest feature is the SmartTrack automated exercise recognition, which detects what type of exercise you’re doing without you needing to access the device or smartphone during a workout. It should be noted that Fitbit isn’t a pioneer in automatic exercise detection. Atlas got there first.

Fitbit Alta Bands

Apart from that, the Alta is your everyday leading tracker with features such as monitoring of activity with the help of the Fitbit app, tracking sleep, keeping track of your weekly goals and so on. However, unlike the Blaze, the Alta has a smaller display meant to keep things focused on tracking. This has been done, of course, to create a tinier device. It also reminds you when you’ve been idle for too long, which is always a useful feature for people working desk jobs.

The Alta is going to be available starting from $130 (Dh477.75). The device has a reported five-day battery life. Bands are interchangeable and will be available in plastic, leather and metallic versions.

Fitbit fast forward

Adding fashion to its game seems like the brand’s new modus operandi to retain its title as champion of the wearables world.

That’s all good, so long as the company doesn’t compromise on the area that’s fed its growth so far: heart rate tracking.

Here’s the introduction video from Fitbit:



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