Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 looks ready to be unveiled this month with sales starting in April.


Update #14

After the numerous pictures we’ve seen, there are finally videos showing the Samsung Galaxy S8 in action. Have a look:

We are treated to the rumoured on-screen navigation buttons in this brief hands-on from Weibo as well as the user interface that will accompany the phone. But if that glimpse wasn’t enough, here’s a full six-minute video featuring the hardware of the Galaxy S8 Plus:


The video is probably of a dummy device with no software pre-installed. While not in English, we get a taste of the Galaxy S8’s hardware features such as its Type-C USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack as well as the dedicated Bixby button to the left. The user also seems to be measuring the phone with a ruler and we believe the dimensions could be 157mm in length, 73mm in width and 8mm in thickness.

Unfortunately apart from the visuals, nothing more can be understood because the video is not in English. We don’t know what the user thinks about the phone or its feel in the hand but with the launch being just under a week, we won’t have to wait too long before everything is official.

Update #13

Different from other days, we’ve now had our first taste of the headphones that may accompany Samsung’s latest handset:

The above leaks confirm numerous things about the headphones. For one, they will ditch the traditional white Apple-like design for a more standard look that seems quite ergonomic but also not that unique. For all we know, Samsung could ship a white variant of the headphones inside the box rather than the black we see in the pictures. Additionally, it almost certainly puts to rest any rumours of the Galaxy S8 series not having a headphone jack.

But more importantly, it also tells us that the headphones will be AKG-branded, a subsidiary of Harman and now, Samsung. This may most likely point to Hi-Fi audio support on the Galaxy S8 bringing it at the forefront of audio technology alongside the likes of LG. Bear in mind this isn’t the first time we have seen AKG branding on Samsung hardware, with the recently announced Tab S3 sporting the same.

Update #12

Today brings pricing and images from reliable leakster @evleaks.

Evan Blass insists that the S8+ is bigger than the S8 even though they are shown as the same size on in the first tweet.

The pricing on the other hand is quite an eyebrow-raiser. Equivalent pricing in UAE Dirhams would be in the Dh3199 – Dh3799 range. Looks like Samsung doesn’t plan to stop burning holes in our pockets anytime soon.

Update #11

The leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been on full throttle for the longest of times now. But while most of them have been unofficial, we’ve got our first taste of “official” news.

Official poster leak of the Samsung Galaxy S8 event via @UniverseIce

The above shows the bezel-less design the Samsung Galaxy S8 is to adopt as well as confirms the availability of the phone to be in April, as previously rumored.

We have also encountered similar images pushing the design revolution of the Galaxy S8, one of which can be seen below:

Teaser for the Galaxy S8 launch

And while that is enough to get us excited, we have also been treated with the actual device in images as opposed to just silhouettes:

The handset in color variants such as pink, violet and blue

This really puts into perspective how immersive the display of the new handsets will be. But interestingly, the poster shows us quite a few different color variants of the handset which could mean Samsung is trying to appeal to a more larger audience. But because Samsung is pushing immersion, it will be more than likely that all color variants will have black front bezels as opposed to bezels that match their colors. With just over a week to go, the anticipation is definitely building!

Update #10

Following on from past leaks where we just saw one of the two upcoming Galaxy smartphones, these pictures give us a valuable size comparison. The images come via SlashLeaks from a screen protector company.

These are arguably the clearest pictures of the handset. We’re treated to close-up shots of the headphone jack, USB type-C port as well as the SIM tray up top. The always-on display also seems to be revamped with a starry look to it. The pictures line up perfectly with what been revealed so far and we can confirm the unit we see here is a live model and not a dummy unit because of the time change between shots.

Update #9

Just a day after yesterday’s leak, BGR has attained exclusive images of what is being said to be the all new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Except for battery and display, the upcoming S8 and S8 Plus are said to be identical.

Update #8

At this year’s MWC 2017, Samsung announced that we’ll be seeing the Galaxy S8 on March 29.


Today, leakster Evan Blass, revealed what appears to be the first look at the black version of the device.

Update #7:

Information about the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has now come through. The two S8 models will be 5.8 and 6.2-inches respectively. Both will sport a QHD Super AMOLED display with an unusual 18.5:9 aspect ratio. As far as cameras are concerned, neither the 12MP primary nor the 8MP secondary camera from the S7 series will see an upgrade in resolution. But these will be optimized for visual searches via Samsung’s Bixby assistant and for usage with the iris scanner as mentioned below.

As far as internals are concerned, we will see the Snapdragon 835 processor or the in-house Exynos equivalent depending on region. The processors are much better optimized for power consumption meaning we will see more life than usual out of the 3000mAh and 3500mAh batteries that the flagships will come equipped with respectively. RAM will stay at 4GB with base variants starting from 64GB of storage with the option to expand via micro-SD.

Update #6:

In a fresh leak, another live picture of the alleged S8 has surfaced. It looks quite fake but comes from Evan Blass (@evleaks) who has a reputation for leaking accurate information in the past.

The larger Samsung Galaxy S8
A live picture of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

The picture shows the standard design of the S8 that has been floating about for quite some time. Notably, you can see that the fingerprint sensor may be moved next to the camera. From the looks of it, the placement seems awkward but we will have to wait and find out. The bottom also seems to show a micro-USB 2.0 port rather than a Type-C USB port but that may just be an optical illusion. And yes, the headphone jack will still be on the Galaxy S8.

On the front, we also see the dual-edge “Infinity Display” which will be as large as 6.2-inches on the larger S8. For those wanting even more screen real estate, Samsung is rumored to introduce a docking station enabling connection to a desktop and usage of Android via mouse and keyboard. This will be called Samsung DeX and will most likely bring a function similar to Microsoft’s Continuum.

Update #5:

Let’s start with some more hardware. Following what we’ve seen so far, the display of the Galaxy S8 series is all but confirmed. Now, a few display panels seem to have leaked which line up perfectly with what we know so far.

Are these panels for the Samsung Galaxy S8?

The panels boast almost no bezels on the left and right sides and come in both a 5.7-inch and a 6.2-inch variant. There are also more cut outs than usual on the top bezel which seems to suggest the addition of more sensors and the rumored iris scanner. Of course, we are not sure whether the panels are indeed for the S8 and S8 Plus so do take the pictures with a pinch of salt

In quite refreshing fashion, information about the software on Samsung’s latest flagships has surfaced. The phones are to come equipped with an AI software called Bixby. It will be capable of carrying out visual searches and provide an OCR feature using the cameras on the smartphones. The built in camera application will come with a dedicated Bixby button that will enable the searches.

Image result for samsung ai bixby
Will Bixby build on S-Voice?

The AI software will then identify the object or text and provide relevant information. Google’s own search application and Google Goggles have been known to do so in the past but Samsung’s approach is integrated deeper. The assistant may be able to direct users to make a purchase through Samsung Pay once scanning a product for example. According to SamMobile, Bixby will remain exclusive to the Galaxy S8 upon release.

Update #4:

Another day, another update. This time, we have news confirming the release of the Galaxy S8 along with its rumored price. The smartphones are set to be present at MWC in February however will not be unveiled to the public until late March. According to tipster Ricciolo on Twitter, 29 March seems to be the date for the official announcement with sales starting in late April. Prices are set to start from €850 (Dh 3340) with the S8 Plus probably costing €100 more.

Image result for iris recognition note 7
Iris scanner in action on the Samsung Galaxy Note7.

To add to what we know, Samsung is also working hard to improve the experience on front facing cameras. The higher end of the Galaxy A series has already seen improvements but it looks like Samsung’s flagships will follow suit. We hear that the front cameras will have auto-focus and will also come with a higher megapixel count and iris recognition. It is likely that Samsung will build on the experience offered on the now discontinued Note7.

Update #3:

A size comparison between Samsung’s current flagships and the S8 series has now surfaced. The renders point to a very large display that maintains a similar form factor.

3D render of the Galaxy S8 via GSMArena

The alleged Galaxy S8 is almost similar in height and width but packs a much larger screen. According to GSMArena, we could expect at least a 5.7-inch display panel.

3D render of the Galaxy S8 Plus via GSMArena

The 3D render of the alleged Galaxy S8 Plus suggests the same with a rumored 6.3-inch display. The renders fall completely in line with previous leaks suggesting a near bezel-less display and we quite like it.

Another peculiar thing we couldn’t help but notice is the charging port. It seems both the 3D renders above and the leak below suggest the handset will equip a microUSB port as opposed to a Type-C USB port.

Will Samsung revert to microUSB?

While many of Samsung’s newest smartphones, including the new A-series, come equipped with a Type-C USB port, it will be surprising for Samsung to revert to microUSB again. Could it be because of the Note 7 fiasco?

There are two speaker grills as opposed to one

In terms of other hardware, we may see dual speakers for a drastic improvement in audio and maybe a thicker phone overall suggested by a smaller camera hump. This could signal a larger battery and more power. Speaking of power, the on/off button has also seen a move from the right to the left and although minor, it is a departure from Samsung’s signature design language.

Update #2:

This is the first time we have seen some cases for the alleged Galaxy S8. However, both seem to offer a different outlook on the device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 new render comes from case maker Ghostek

This first one is the Ghostek Atomic 3 waterproof case. It shows off the dual-edge display and the design of the Galaxy S8 in full. However, with the lack of a home button cut out, we are not sure how Samsung will implement a fingerprint scanner on the device. There also seems to be no cut-out at the back, which suggests the fingerprint sensor may be embedded under the screen. More importantly, there is no evidence of a flash behind the device, which calls into question the credibility of this leak.

Another Galaxy S8 case render leaks, with a 3.5mm headphone jack intact

This next leak seems more of a generic case. It stays consistent with the previous leak but provides more information about the smartphone. The case suggests we might see the 3.5mm jack retained by Samsung but smaller nuances include the movement of the speaker grill cut out from the traditional left to the right as well as the movement of the Type-C USB port off to the side. It also shows a slightly larger flash cut out for the camera compared to the previous case and tells us that the microSD card slot is here to stay.

With both the cases pointing us in different directions, both the camera cut-out and the design philosophy stay consistent. It is most likely that we will not be seeing a dual lens system like previously rumored but everything else stays open to surprises.

Update #1:

Since we discussed the first picture of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S8, a lot of additional information has surfaced. For starters, it has become more and more likely that the S8 will hit the market later rather than earlier. New rumours point to an early April release, which stays in line with production reportedly starting in March. However, a month’s worth of wait after the supposed announcement at MWC late next month isn’t what the consumer or the company would want.

But in spite of the later release, more renders have now shown up giving us a clearer idea of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S8, this time based on the S7 edge.

The new render points to a much more Note 7-like design with sharper edges

Comparing these to the previous leak, the phone definitely seems a lot more squarer like the company’s previous Note 7. However, these are not official renders and have been stitched up by an enthusiastic graphic designer, Veniamin Geskin. It shows the smartphone to be much thinner and in a design that could be what Korean giant is planning.

Additionally, details have also emerged about Samsung’s shipment plans for this year. As we near the smartphone’s launch, we’re hearing about Samsung’s 60-million shipment goal.

Is it ambitious of Samsung to aim for a 60 million unit shipment target?

Looking at the chart above, the South Korean firm expects their future flagship to do much better than the previous three. This suggests Samsung has high hopes from the smartphone as it should. Only time will tell whether these numbers are in line with what is to happen.


Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard a lot about Samsung Galaxy S8 – right from its specifications to its rumoured redesign. This first photo of the alleged device seems to encapsulate all of that. It shows no Home button, a very small bezel and a dual-edge curved display.

But as it is the first leak, we do have our reservations. For all we know, this could be the current Galaxy S7 edge post a makeover on an image-editing software. Both top corners of the device seem to have weird artifacts and there are no software navigation buttons present. These could be hidden or Grace UX may rely on gestures to navigate within applications and the user interface.

The alleged Galaxy S8 takes a lot of cues from the company’s current flagships.

You could also argue that the navigation buttons may be flanking the Samsung logo and weren’t lit up when the picture was taken. This is a big possibility as current Samsung phones do offer this functionality and we don’t see why the company would ditch it.

Although, if it is an edited image, it is a convincing one. The alleged photo seems to get all the details correct right down to the Chinese language. This is particularly important since the testing of the Galaxy S8 is currently under way in China.

For many, this may not be the radical change they expected to see. After an underwhelming last year, Samsung will look to wow its customers with its next flagship. With the smartphone set to be unveiled at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) late next month, there is no time for a design revamp. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we could be staring at something that resembles the S8 closely, if not the device itself. Do you think the photo is credible? Let us know.


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