First Look: Microsoft continuum for phones


The smartphone is a powerful device. We all know that. We’re literally walking around with computers in our pockets. Powerful computers that we use to click selfies and scroll through Instagram. But that could change now, thanks to Microsoft and its Continuum. This little device effectively unleashes the power of your smartphone — and makes sure you never need to carry a bulky laptop or tablet ever again.

I’m quite surprised that the Continuum isn’t as famous as it should be. While the headlines have been chock-full with smartphones replacing tablets, and tablets replacing laptops, and so on, Microsoft has developed a device that has the potential to replace both.

The dock is a palm-sized device that helps you throw your smartphone’s screen on to any other display. You can connect it to a monitor while adding a keyboard and mouse as well.

For frequent business travellers, this device is a must-have. The only catch is that you must also have a Windows phone.

The device transfers your phone’s apps to the big screen while modifying them slightly for maximum productivity. It can work wirelessly too, allowing users to use the phone as one would, while it’s connected to a larger display.

While we use our phones on a daily basis for emails and other smaller work tasks, imagine being able to update spreadsheets, write entire reports or articles, prepare coursework, or even an entire presentation right from your smartphone.

To allow Continuum to truly replace your computer, laptop or tablet, you would need a full-sized keyboard (or a keyboard you’re comfortable with) and a mouse. However, you can still use the device as a trackpad and a keyboard while connected to the dock.

If you’re willing to make the switch, here’s what it will cost you: Dh2,349 for the 950XL, an apt device; a special launch price of Dh99 for the Microsoft Display Dock; and Dh499 for the Continuum Accessory Pack.

For me, since we’re already at a stage where many of us are carrying two devices, my next device could very well be a Lumia compatible with the Continuum. Either that or
the rumoured Surface phone that may or may not be released next year.