First Look: LG G5

LG G5 at Dh1399

If I had to describe the new LG G5 in a few words, based on my short time with it at LG’s stand at the Mobile World Congress, it would be “sleek, beautiful and a device with sooooo much potential”. Notice the number of Os.

LG followed the powerhouse that is the V10 with a modular smartphone that really seemed to excite a whole lot of people.

By now most of you know that the G5 has swappable attachments. So let’s save that for the end of this piece and give you a little more info about the phone.

The G5 will ship with Android Marshmallow and will run a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of memory. The device can support a microSD card of up to 2TB as well. It weighs about 159g, which is a smidge heavier than the 152g Samsung S7.

The phone is wrapped in a full-metal, aluminium body and feels quite premium. Its display measures in at 5.3 inches with a resolution of 1,440×2,560 pixels. It also features an always-on display, which has received mixed reactions. Some love it for its convenience factor, while others claim it sucks the life out of the battery.

Following the imaging capabilities of the V10 would be hard, though the G5 steps up to the plate with a dual-camera set-up on the rear sporting a 16MP primary camera and another 8MP one for those special wide-angle shots.

Unfortunately the front selfie camera is a humble, and single, 8MP snapper, unlike the dual-camera, front-facing set-up on the V10.

In its defence, it can shoot 1080p video at 30fps.

Now, for the accessories. Since it’s a modular device, you can unhinge and remove the bottom section of the phone and swap it for other attachments. What’s currently available is the LG Cam Plus, which features a shutter button, a zoom wheel and an additional 1,200mAh battery.

LG has also teamed up with Bang & Olufson for its HiFi Plus attachment: an amp that, in simple terms, upgrades your music experience.

LG has stated that the device will be available in the UAE in April though an official price has not been set yet.

LG G5 Specifications

Processor Snapdragon 820
Operating System Android Marshmallow
Memory 4GB RAM/32GB
Cameras 16MP+8mp/8mp
Battery 2,800MAH