First look: Google Glass 2.0 is all work and no play

Google Glass Enterprise Edition is coming soon
Google Glass Enterprise Edition is coming soon

Glassholes rejoice, for Google Glass is not dead. But don’t get too excited just yet – Google Glass 2.0 is suited and booted and headed straight for the office.
After canning its head-mounted computer project in January and shuffling the Explorer Edition programme under a new division, a new version has emerged in a US government filing. A December 28 filing update by the US Federal Communications Commission contained photos and a users’ manual of the redesigned device, called GG1 in documents.
The biggest difference between this version and the existing one is that the Enterprise Edition, as it’s called according to The Wall Street Journal, is foldable. This will make it much easier to store when not in use. The device also features a longer, thinner glass display prism. It doesn’t have a nose bridge, nor does it wrap around the user’s face.

is a marked improvement on Explorer
The Enterprise Edition is a marked improvement on Explorer

Furthermore, the new Glass is said to be waterproof and durable, with better WiFi, camera and battery as well as faster processors. There is said to be a Google-made external battery pack that connects to the device magnetically, although images thereof haven’t surfaced yet.
This iteration is aimed specifically at enterprise businesses such as manufacturing and healthcare, where hands-free access to a voice-controlled screen will be an advantage. By launching in a business environment, Google also sidesteps consumer issues such as privacy concerns raised by wearing a camera in public. A green light also shows when the camera is on.
According to reports, the Enterprise Edition will only be available through the “Glass for Work” programme. Businesses will have to load custom software onto it.
The initial Explorer Edition took the wearable technology market by storm globally. It sold for around $1,500.
Google has yet to officially announce the Enterprise Edition. A new consumer version is expected to follow later.


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