Pictures leak of the iPhone 8’s back


Whether you’re an Android fanatic or an iPhone fan child, everyone’s eagerly awaiting the upcoming iPhone. A picture taken in what looks like the Foxconn factory shows what the back of the device will look like.

iPhone 8: Fingerprint sensor

The leaked image shows rear casings for the new iPhone being packed (or maybe unpacked). As you can see, there seems to be a space for a fingerprint sensor below the Apple logo.

iPhone 8 back
Packed backs of the iPhone 8 showing the fingerprint sensor

This positioning of the fingerprint sensor would be a first for Apple, since the company has always had the sensor on the front of the device. For a while now, it has been known that Apple has been trying to crack the under-display fingerprint sensor, but looks like it’s given up.

Do you care about this positioning? Here’s everything we know about the upcoming iPhone. Lets us know what you think.