First in-display fingerprint smartphone unveiled

Will 2018 revolutionise the fingerprint sensor?


For months on end, we have speculated the rise of under-display fingerprint scanners. While prototypes were previously seen, this concept is now slowly becoming reality. Last month, Synaptics announced that a “Tier 1” manufacturer would be the first to announce a smartphone with this technology. And it looks like Vivo will be getting all the attention at the ongoing CES 2018.

How does it work?

The sensor is a Clear ID FS9500, compatible only with OLED displays. In essence, the in-display fingerprint scanner will sit between the motherboard. And the OLED panel will be responsible for illuminating the finger and thereafter processing light signals.

This is what the scanner looks like internally

Will it sacrifice security?

With every new invention, consumers like to compare it against current day standards. The conventional fingerprint scanner has evolved to be great, but we will know in due time if this solution will work just as well.

How Vivo plans to incorporate the sensor

Following Vivo’s recent press release, the new technology will not in any way reduce the level of security we see in current fingerprint sensors. The company goes as far as to say that the in-screen sensors will be comparable to those found on flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Vivo X20.

When can we see it?

Of course, while we have seen prototypes, consumer phones are yet to make their way to the market. Alex Feng, Senior VP at Vivo, said this technology will solve the problem of providing a more convenient authentication process on smartphones. With the growing trend in bezel-less smartphones, we see many manufacturers adopting this for the future.

However for now, all we are told is that the phone from Vivo is ready for mass production. “Early 2018” is when we can expect the phone to be announced. But because we are technically into this time frame, the wait will not be too long now.

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