If you’re over 25 – chances are you’re not that popular anymore

over 25

Recent research published in the journal Royal Society Open Science shows us that our fame takes a nosedive once we cross the age of 25.

Researchers trawled through a year’s cell phone call records from 3.2 million customers of a European telecom company and found that the most interaction in terms of phone calls, both coming in and out, peak at the age of 25.

The research states that:

“One important conclusion we can draw is that the average number of contacts is quite modest: in most cases, people focus their (phone-based) social effort each month on around 15 people. They note that this corresponds to the number of friends and family members people typically have face-to-face interactions with in a given month.

Thus, we provide some evidence that the use of mobile phone technology does not change our social world. It also provides further indirect evidence for the fact that we use the phone to contact those who are emotionally closest to us rather than simply those who live furthest away.”

Citing findings from the report, The Washington Post highlights that men tended to have more social contacts than women in their twenties. But around age 39 or so that dynamic flipped, and women had more social contacts for the remainder of their lives.

“The difference between the sexes seems to be primarily owing to the more frequent interactions by the females with their adult children and the children’s spouses. Also, females probably interact with their own close family members (e.g. keeping grandparents updated on the children’s activities) and the new in-laws created by their children’s marital arrangements more than males do.”

Now, if you can think of approx. 15 people you interact with, socially, on a regular basis – chances are you’re around 25. Enjoy and cherish it. It could go downhill after that.