The bionic hand that Arab Health delegates are loving

Rebekah Marine i-limb quantum
Rebekah Marine wears the i-limb quantum. Picture via

We’re certainly living in the most tech-friendly era of all time, so why shouldn’t that spread to our health care? Delegates at this week’s Arab Health have been stunned by the variety of technology on display at the region’s largest health care event.

And the one thing that caught our eye – and everyone else’s – is an awesome bionic hand from Scotland-based company Touch Bionics that is being demonstrated in state-of-the-art surgical simulation programme which is taking place on the UK Pavilion (stand Z1D30). In fact the PR team is so excited, they’ve flagged it as one of the top highlights of the show.

So what is it?

The i-limb quantum, which is famously worn by bionic model Rebekah Marine, has five motorised multi-articulating fingers. Because each digit bends at the joint, the device looks and moves like a natural hand, helping wearers to perform their professional and domestic tasks as well as their social and leisure activities.

Pulsing and vari-grip features allow weares to increase the strength of their grip around an object. This can be very useful in situations where a firmer grasp is required, such as tying shoelaces tightly or opening a tightly closed jar of food.

The device is the perfect solution for many UAE patients – such as those injured in accidents. The company has had a fair amount of success in Europe, particularly in Germany and in France, where the i-limb is now officially approved and funded by the French governmental health authorities.

i-limb quantum
The Touch Bionics i-limb quantum displayed at Arab Health

Some of its features include:

  • Users can create groups of their favorite grip patterns and triggers.
  • Ability to view real time graph of input signals
  • quick grips and my grips features enable patients to quickly access the desired grip pattern (available only for i-limb ultra revolution)
  • grip chips allow users to assign a grip to their i-limb device to assist with activities of daily living (available only for i-limb ultra revolution)
  • Enabling and disabling of grip patterns and other features, including pulsing and vari-grip modes
  • Training modes to help users achieve activation of features and improve myo-signal response
  • Battery status and serial number recognition

Head over to the Touch Bionics site for more details, or take a look at the video below, starring Rebekah Marine.