Fancy a 1 Million Dirhams audio system?


If you are into ultimate high-end, design-led audio systems then you definitely know about YAR. If you’re not, we’re here to help you out. YAR is a revolutionary audio experience representing a new dimension of sound.

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Developed over 4 years YAR’s design, use of the most effective of materials (Carbon Fibre) taken from the high-end car, aeronautics and space technologies industries, together with innovative, patented audio technology ensures YAR’s truly unique sound.

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Each YAR system is customised to meet the customer’s personal needs and to fit into their own space. Wood, aluminium, titanium, silver or gold are just a few of the many options available.

Lastly, each unit is bespoke and handcrafted in Italy. Only 100 systems will be created – each bearing the owners signature – and will retail at the starting price of €250,000 (approx. Dh1,020,000). We spoke to Adriano Marconetto, the CEO and Co-Founder of YAR earlier this month, here’s what he had to say.

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What can you tell us about the craftsmen behind the brand – what brought about the need for YAR systems?

We wanted to create the best audio system ever, capable of delivering the most pure and natural three-dimensional sound. We wanted it to sound like no other. Actually, we wanted a system that didn’t sound like a system. We just wanted the impossible: the pure music flowing naturally around you. The results exceeded our expectations. The first listeners were truly impressed; everyone who listens to YAR says “it’s like the musicians are here, in the room, playing live!”

YAR audio systems are aimed at a very specific category of customers considering its price range. How does YAR plan to preview or introduce the product to such customers?

Through word of mouth, private and exclusive listening sessions and with events in international hubs such as London, Milan, New York and Dubai. Furthermore, we are working with local partners to help us to select the right clientele to invite to the truly unique experience that is listening to YAR.

Once a customer confirms their interest in the product, how do they get one? And how long is the ordering process?

YAR is a bespoke audio system so the customer must decide where he wants to position it together with several finishing options, including the colour of the carbon fibre, the kind of precious wood and the metallic elements (standard aluminium in several colours or titanium, silver, gold). When all the elements have been set, YAR will handcraft the system in three months. Once the system is ready it is tested for 200 hours, then delivered. At that point, the same people who have handcrafted it will ship it and spend a day with the client to install it and synchronise it with all his home devices. For us, YAR is Haute Couture for audio.

Can you walk us through the process, how does one buy it? And what are the steps that follow? 

It’s basically like when one buys a special Ferrari or Pagani. You contact us, we ask you where you want to position it and what type of experience you are looking for. We usually ask to share images of the space with the team so that they can figure out the best place to position YAR and how to guarantee the best audio experience in that specific area. After that the client will need to choose between all the finishing options.

If you could summarise the YAR audio experience in one sentence, what would you say?

The purest and most natural three-dimensional sound that only 100 people can experience (ok, and their friends, too!..)

Does YAR Audio have any local presence or a connection with the Middle East region?

Yes. We are currently selecting the local partners. Stay tuned!

Could you disclose if anyone from the region have shown interest in the system? Or better still – is anyone here in the region a YAR customer?

Unfortunately, this information is confidential.

Information states that its limited to 100 pieces only. Could you share with us the number of people who have ordered/pre-ordered the system already?

Two people, so far. Not bad, for being in the press from some weeks only.

Does YAR Audio plan to move into the wearables segment such as headphones?


What’s next for YAR Audio? Will YAR Audio be looking at the slightly lower priced segment? Or other affordable product ranges?

We are fully focused on this amazing system. Once 100 people are happy YAR owners we will start thinking about something different.

If you’re interested to know more about the system, head over to YAR’s website here.