Will Facebook delete your photos if you don’t download Moments app?


No Facebook, we don’t want another app. After spending years trying to get us to post pictures of friends, family and random types we’ve only just met, after years of nosing its way into our lives by egging us to tag people, after throwing up old images disguised as feel-good nostalgia, after showing us how to share 360 photos, after all of that, the world’s biggest social network is threatening to delete all our photos unless we download its new Moments app.

After decoupling its Messenger app from its main mobile application, Facebook has now warned it will delete any synced photos by July 7 unless users download its Moments app, which organises photos from users and their friends, grouping them by date and who’s pictured.

The warning

Here’s the text of the warning: “We wanted to let you know that photos you privately synced from your phone to Facebook will be deleted soon. Earlier this year, they were moved to Moments, a new app from Facebook.

“If you want to keep your (number of photos), download Moments and log in before Jul 7. If you don’t want Moments, you can also download these photos directly to your computer from your Facebook profile. Otherwise, they’ll be deleted. This won’t affect photos or videos you’ve shared on Facebook.

“Moments lets you organise and privately share photos with friends. It’s free on iOS and Android.”

Yes – for now that only extends to photos in the Synced album on your mobile, and Synced From Phone album on your desktop. For the moment, photos that you’ve shared won’t be deleted but who knows when that might happen?

Unfortunately, either way it seems we won’t have a choice.

What’s Synced?

The optional feature was launched back in 2012, so users could automatically copy everything from their camera roll to a private album on Facebook, thus making them easier to share.

UAE users that #GNTECH checked with do not report receiving the email, but if you’re someone who has, email us with your feels at [email protected].


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