Social media makes us hate our lives: Kaspersky UAE

mariah - social media
The video of Mariah Carey ushering in 2017 with a whimper was shared widely on social media

The nifty way German words express unusual concepts has been trending on social media recently, perhaps because they sum up the way we all feel about social media. Schadenfreude, for example, saw Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve slip sync populate feeds across the various platforms. So maybe we all need to speak German, because new data from Kaspersky Lab says plugging into Facebook and Instagram engenders negative feelings in a majority of UAE residents.

Research from the cybersecurity company says the majority of us – 51 per cent of respondents in a recent poll of 16,750 people worldwide – are unhappy when we see friends’ holiday pictures, and an even greater number – 65 per cent – are put out by pictures of friends’ parties we weren’t invited to. And 41 per cent don’t like it when their friends get more likes than they do. The German word for that is Neid, or envy in plain old English.

Social media also ruined Christmas

The numbers follow findings from a recent study from the University of Copenhagen, where researchers said social media spying has a debilitating effect on mental health – including dampening the festive spirit at Christmas.

Kaspersky Lab’s boffins say we don’t even like ourselves very much. Our own lives also cause angst, or as the Germans say, Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung. The rosy tint of nostalgia – or maybe it’s Facebook’s horrible daily reminders – prompts 44 per cent of us to believe life was better in the past than it is now. Although, given the way 2016 was for most people, that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. (On the other hand, maybe that’s the reason respondents were so negative in the poll.) The German word for that

Social media sites nobly began as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends, and given those support-group beginnings, it’s no wonder we continue to log in for another hit. Most of us (73 per cent) hit up social networks in search of entertaining and funny posts. (Chewbacca Mom is always good for another laugh.)

But we aren’t always lurking. Although when we do post, we’re not sharing the love. Over half of us (52 per cent) want to boast about our fantastic holidays and vacations, while 77 per cent post things that made them smile. Come to think of it, Mariah was actually quite funny.

Kaspersky didn’t break out the specific number of UAE respondents polled.