Microsoft to unveil its Surface laptop in NYC tonight

Aside from specs, here's what you need to know about the Microsoft Surface laptop

Surface laptop

A gallery of leaked images show a new, sleek Surface laptop. It’s no coincidence that Microsoft is holding a big hardware and software event in New York City later today. Twitter user @WalkingCat has let slip several images of a device labeled simply as “Surface Laptop”. It’s been rumoured that Microsoft has been working on its answer to Google’s Chromebook, after having great success with its Surface line.

Surface laptop
We can look forward to an attractive PixelSense display

Expect the Surface laptop to come with a 13.5-inch PixelSense display with four vibrant colours: platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue and graphite gold. The laptop will sport an alcantara keyboard – the same fabric used on the premium Surface Pro 4 keyboard option. What will power the device is still unclear. The processor and other hardware components are left as a mystery. What we can see in the images, though, are a regular USB port, a mini DisplayPort and the conventional Surface power connector. No USB Type-C for the Surface as of now.

Surface laptop
Like a variant of the two-in-one Pro, the Surface laptop features an alacantara keyboard crafted from premium materials

The Surface laptop will weigh a crisp 1.25kg, measuring 14.47mm thick at the back and 9.9mm at the front. The new display is said to have a whopping 3.4 million pixels, which suggests a 1080p panel for what looks like a 3:2 aspect ratio display at 13.5 inches.

WalkingCat goes on to claim the Surface laptop will run Windows 10 S, a rumoured name for Microsoft’s Chrome OS alternative. Expect all the information on the laptop and new slimmed-down Windows OS at tonight’s event.


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