Everything you need to know about the LG G6

The LG G6 is slated to be unveiled on the 26th of February at MWC 2017.


Update #3:

A fresh set of pictures has surfaced giving us a bit more insight about the LG G6. Even with the phone’s announcement looming, both pictures seem to point us to different directions. Could there be two variants of the LG G6?

The above comes from underKG and shows the LG G6 in a matte finish. It gives us a glimpse of both the front and back of the device and reaffirms the non-existence of side bezels. In addition, a dual camera lens, fingerprint scanner, USB type-C port and headphone jack are all in tow.

A glossy variant of the LG G6

In a second leak, we see the LG G6 in a rather attractive glossy finish. This will definitely make for a fingerprint magnet and may be prone to scratches as well. But in addition, the overall form factor of the device looks to be very tall, suggesting the QHD+ panel we’ve discussed below.

Whether in a matte or glossy finish, the LG G6 is shaping up to be a very formidable device for this year. With less than three weeks before its official announcement, we’re looking forward to what LG has in store. With the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8 providing stiff competition, it will be interesting to see whether consumers prefer LG’s or Samsung’s approach.

Update #2:

As we draw closer to the imminent release of the LG G6, we’ve been hit with some mixed news. Let’s start with the good news. Below is a case render from Ghostek about the device in question.

Image result for g6 lg case ghostek
The alleged LG G6 in a waterproof case via Ghostek.

This gives us a very good idea about its button, camera and fingerprint sensor placement. To fuel the design leaks, another has surfaced which can be seen below.

Image result for lg g6 latest leak
This may be what the LG G6 will look like. – via VenyaGeskin1

This leak shows a very appealing and premium device with minimal bezel to the screen. It gives us more information about the sensors up front and presents a design very similar to the one seen on the case leak. This is most certainly what the G6 may look like and in terms of design, LG are on the right track.

But amidst the leak, a rather concerning piece of news has been circulating. While it was rumored that flagships from this year will sport the newly announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 may be the first phone in line to don the new chip. If that is the case, LG may have to stick to the older Snapdragon 821 because the S8 is rumored to launch much later than LG’s flagship. While nothing about this is confirmed, the G6 may suffer in sales if the news is true.

Update #1:

It seems like LG has confirmed the announcement of their latest flagship just prior to MWC in late February. The company has been sending invites for the event on 26 February in Barcelona.

The LG G6 looks set to be unveiled on 26 February in Barcelona.

The invite looks to build on the company’s previous “Play Begins” slogan from MWC 2016 where the LG G5 was revealed. This year’s “See More, Play More” slogan for MWC 2017 confirms we will be seeing a smartphone at the event and it is most likely the LG G6.

In terms of hardware, we’ve already discussed the unique QHD+ display with a 9:18 aspect ratio and the rumored water resistance functionality below. Now, there even seems to be a render of what the LG G6 could look like thanks to DBS Designing.

What do you think of the this concept LG G6?

But in addition, we may expect the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor at the heart of the device, at least 4GB RAM and a dual-camera primary sensor. We also hear from the company that the phone will feature a better cooling system with the implementation of a heat pipe preventing overheating. Could this be a jab at Samsung’s Note7 overheating issues from the past?

On the software front, the latest Android 7.0 Nougat is expected but additionally, an enhanced AI assistant. The South Korean manufacturer has done well to keep the smartphone under wraps yet provide interesting information about their newest flagship. It looks like we’ll know all about it in just over a month.


The LG G6 has been making the rounds quite often in the past few weeks. We’ve seen various renders of how the device will look and it also seems confirmed that the flagship will ditch the modular functionality found on the G5. But looks aside, what else can we expect from the South Korean firm’s latest?

A unique screen

In this day and age, Quad HD screens have become the standard for flagships. But it seems LG wants to get ahead of the competition. The rumored LG G6 will have a 5.7-inch QHD+ display with a resolution of 1440×2880. This not only makes for a higher screen resolution but a higher pixel density and reportedly provides better performance under direct sunlight. Being 30% more power efficient, the panel should also impact battery life positively.

The difference in width and height the new aspect ratio will make.

But with the benefits comes the slightly awkward 9:18 aspect ratio. The ratio makes for a longer device that is great for multitasking especially with official support on Android 7.0 Nougat. Applications too will have no trouble scaling to the resolution but videos may pose a slight problem. YouTube videos tend to play on a 16:9 ratio meaning you may see black bars off to the side when viewing them. Movies are generally presented at a wider aspect ratio so you shouldn’t have many issues there.

An example of what YouTube video playback may look like on the display of the LG G6. Notice the black bars on the sides.

The longer screen also means a longer device as seen above. This may make it slightly easier to operate with one hand and even allow more content to fit on screen. The concept is a change but not nearly as big as tablets moving from 16:10 to 4:3 aspect ratios in the past. We will have to wait and see if it catches on.


In a recent video from the company, LG asks individuals about the ‘ideal smartphone’. As you can see below, people want a bigger screen but in a compact body, water resistance and a more reliable product.


The end of the video and its YouTube description goes on to outline that the wishes will indeed come true this February. This is a strong statement from the company to suggest the LG G6 will be water resistant and have a camera to ‘capture it all at once’. We can expect the flagship smartphone to be unveiled between February 27 and March 2 at this year’s Mobile World Conference (MWC).

Do you have any more wishes to add?

This is turning out to be quite the wait for the LG G6. With just over a month left before it is official, we are sure to see more of the phone. With what we have, the phone seems promising and we are excited to see what LG has planned with their flagship for 2017. Stick around for more updates as they come.