Everything you need to know about Huawei Care

A good step to solidify its consumer base


Huawei has recently geared up to launch its Huawei Care services in the country, making UAE the first country overseas to receive such service outside of China.

Huawei Care: Extended and Screen Damage warranty protection

Warranties usually cover manufacturing defects, mechanical breakdowns and faults. It doesn’t take responsibility for accidental damages and misuse. So if you tend to be clumsy with your smartphones, you probably know what I am talking about. Under this service, Huawei offers an extended warranty of two years instead of just one on its latest smartphones. The service also offers free screen repair or replacement warranty on damaged screens. David Wang, UAE Country Manager at Huawei CBG said “we are happy to introduce Huawei Care in the UAE as the first overseas country, and this reflects our commitment to Huawei ongoing efforts to create a new level of customer service capability in the UAE, one that sees Huawei customers can access extended after-sales service as part of their Huawei product experience. Moreover, it enunciates our alignment with the UAE government agenda in terms of elevating customer satisfaction across different industries including smartphones.”

Huawei Care offering extended warranty

Consumers will be able to purchase Huawei Care when they buy Huawei mobile phones starting this August. Authentic vendor warranty will also mean original spare parts, high standards and good service quality by authorized engineers. Moreover, the manufacturer warranty shall remain unaffected by repairs and can be claimable in any Huawei service center across UAE.