EufyCam 2 Review: An affordable wireless home-security solution?


Typically, home-security can get a bit messy. Having to accommodate for cable lengths, neatness, battery capacity and electrical outlets can get a bit out of hand. With the EufyCam 2 though, there is no such hassle. It features a wireless setup with useful add-ons that make it a compelling buy for anyone looking to spruce up their home-security, DIY-style.

Design and build quality

Out of the box, the EufyCam 2 comes as a two-camera bundle with a base station and camera mounts. The camera itself is slim and fits almost any aesthetic. The portable nature makes it easy for you to find space for both outdoors and indoors. As for the camera itself, the IP67 rating helps it stay protected against dust and water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. With this, you should be fine placing the unit outdoors even in rough weather. Each of the devices come with a 140-degree field of view camera, capable of capturing video up to 1080p resolution.

The camera unit is sturdy and rugged

The system not only works alongside both Alexa and Google Assistant but also Apple’s HomeKit. By this, you can view the camera feeds on your iPad or AppleTV and store any information on Apple’s iCloud. You can also opt for Eufy’s cloud storage solutions, with a Basic plan giving you 30 days of storage for $3 per month or $30 per year. The Premier plan provides the same for up to 10 cameras for $10 per month or $100 per year. This is not a necessity though as the camera also ships with 16GB of on-board memory to store footage.

Setup process

Being a first time user of home-security products, the setup process was easy. Firstly, you must connect the HomeBase to an electrical connection and your router via an Ethernet cable. Scanning a QR Code at the bottom of the base station allows it to go online whereas syncing the cameras requires you to press a button on the camera. When you are mounting the camera, Eufy’s companion application comes in handy for determining signal strength.

The ports on the Homebase unit

When it finds a good spot, it will read ‘Great’. To take full advantage of the camera, you will need place it away from any obstruction, direct sunlight and at least 7-10 feet high. You can either mount the camera mechanically using its outdoor mount or magnetically for indoor use. With both methods, the required screws and accessories are included out of the box.

The setup is ideal for any interior or exterior environment

With the camera’s one-year battery promise, you may not need to fiddle with them too much. However, one drawback is when it comes to charging. For instance, you have to un-mount them from their position and charge them via micro-USB. While this is a small annoyance, it is worth mentioning.

Performance and Eufy application

Given that I stay in an apartment, outdoor mounting was not an option. But indoors, both the cameras were mounted to cover different angles of my living room. With the camera’s wide-angle view, coverage was ample and video quality is fairly good. Colours stay consistent and toggling between day mode and night vision mode is helpful. With nigh vision though, camera quality takes a slight hit. In either mode, you can zoom into the live video by pinching the image with minimal loss in image quality.

More importantly, the Eufy application gives you control over the working mode for each camera. There is an optimal battery mode, an optimal surveillance mode as well as a customised recording option, based on when the camera detects motion. Motion detection can also be adjusted in terms of sensitivity and the camera worked well differentiating between objects human motion, successfully alerting me each time. The camera can also identify faces although this works best when you are directly in front of the camera lens.

For the camera too, there are a host of settings you can choose from. Anti-Theft detection is particularly helpful for alarms however may not come in handy if a thief steals the entire HomeBase unit itself. Without it, access to local storage data is gone and perhaps for this reason, you may want to invest cloud storage solutions. Regardless, the application itself is easy to navigate around and offers a good deal of functionality. You can tune into a camera’s live feed and manually record video or take a screenshot if required. There is also a way for you to activate the camera’s two-way talk function, which can come in handy for deliveries. You can also choose from a variety of modes for the camera including Home and Away, configuring settings accordingly. For those who may want to delve into automation, there are a few things you can do from the application.

Our verdict

For first time adopters, the EufyCam 2 is a great option, not just for indoor use but also for outdoor usage given the camera’s ruggedness. The camera also offers a solid year of battery life which is enviable. Compared to higher-end options, its price at Dh1,449 presents a package that may present good value for money, whether you are planning on using it in your apartment or bigger home.


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