Epson WorkForce WF-100 Review: Wireless printing on the go

For the avid travellers and business professionals, the WF-100 may be worth it


More often than not, printers come with quite the bulk. And as such, they become difficult to carry around. Epson’s WorkForce WF-100 looks to address these issues offering printing capabilities on the go.

Design and I/O

There is barely much to mention about a printer’s design, but Epson seems to have gone for a novel approach with this one. The paper input is retractable, supports a variety of different paper sizes and doubles as a top cover for it.

Epson’s retractable design makes the printer stay compact

Opening it up gives you access to a slew of control buttons and a small but functional display. It does not need to be touchscreen given its size and gives you a lot of information about the printer and its settings. You can see the amount of battery remaining, ink levels and the printer’s status among others.

The bay that houses the black and white and colour cartridges

Underneath that is a bay to house the printer cartridges. The printer uses Black 266 and Colour 267 style Epson cartridges, with one of each included in the box. The Black 266 can print up to 250 pages whereas the Colour 267 is rated for 200 pages. One thing Epson could have done better is worked on an output bay as there is nothing to hold papers on the WF-100 once printing is complete.

There are only two ports on the printer to emphasise wireless printing

With regards to I/O, Epson has gone for a minimal approach. With only a power input and a microUSB input on the left, it is clear that Epson wants to promote wireless printing. When plugged in, the printer can recharge its battery and can still be used anywhere, so long as it is still juiced up or connected to the mains.


Being a portable option, most of the WF-100’s features are easy to understand. Its software is intuitive and there is not much setup involved.

The non-touchscreen LCD display on the WF-100 is quite useful

To enable wireless printing, you simply have to connect the printer to your Wi-Fi network. From there, it shows up like any other printer, whether on your phone or computer. For Windows computers specifically, you will need to manually add it to your devices in your Windows settings. To further improve on the printing versatility, you can opt to use Epson Connect, its mobile app for easy printing over the cloud or across the globe.

Printing is quick although we would have preferred an output tray to catch the papers

Because the WF-100 can print in both colour and black and white, it gives you choice. For a printer this small and compact, I have encountered types that can only print in black ink. Therefore it is refreshing to find this feature on the Epson. Its print quality is great and so is colour accuracy. Furthermore, the speed at which it prints is also good, with it taking around 20 seconds per page of text with both colour and black elements on it. Pages that have just black and white take a bit less time.

Wi-Fi printing has started to grow on me after using the WF-100

As mentioned earlier, the printer can print on a wide variety of paper types and sizes, with the largest being A4. While it does its best to automatically detect this at its paper input, you can manually configure it as well. There is no real problem with it aside from it jamming up every now and again. And on battery, Epson claims the WF-100 is capable of printing up to 100 black and white pages or 50 colour pages. However in practice, it prints 75 black and white pages before needing to be plugged in.


At a price of Dh1,069 from DesertCart, the printer demands a hefty bit of money. For professionals constantly on the move, this may be a worthy investment. The slim and light profile of the printer may just be what they need. However, for the general consumer, the printer does not offer the best value for money. If you are willing to forego portability, HP’s DeskJet Ink Advantage 4675 is a great option at a third of the price tag. Or you could look at the HP Tango X, which retains portability and offers a scanning and copy function all at a lower price.