Emily Ratajkowski explains OnePlus’ Dash Charge

Thank you, OnePlus

Dash Charge

Fast charging became a norm in 2016 and every smartphone manufacturer has its toes dipped in the speed-charging race. Qualcomm has QuickCharge, Samsung has Fast Charging (#RIPNote7), Oppo has VOOC Charging, Huawei has Super Charge and the current leader in the race is OnePlus with its incredible Dash Charge technology.

The difference

So what separates these technologies? Why is OnePlus’ Dash Charge the winner (for now)? Well, here it is, explained for dummies by the breathtaking Emily Ratajkowski.

We aren’t sure how much the brand paid Ms Ratajkowski for this shoot, but we are sure it was worth every dirham. 

*Standing Ovation* Well done, Oneplus!