E3 2016: Finally, a new God of War is coming


Sony launched its annual E3 press conference yesterday with a gameplay demo of a new God of War game (best news ever). The trailer shows us our favourite antihero, Kratos, training his alleged son to hunt in the wilderness. The boy helps Kratos take down a series of strange Groot-like monsters and one giant totem weaving entity, showing off the series’ signature mix of hack-and-slash action and quick time event cutscenes. It is immediately visible that the gameplay mechanics have changed for the better, giving us a more fluid-like combat style.


Kratos is seen sporting a crazy wicked beard, so that works too. Also, immediately noticeable is that there are no massive Blades of Chaos on his arm anymore. Instead, he wields an axe, which maybe one of the few weapons in the game, since we’ve seen the use of the bow and arrow by the son.


It is also unclear whether this is a prequel or a full reboot. Considering it shows Kratos as a mortal man, we don’t know if his ties are to Ares, the Greek God of War, or some Norse deity, if rumours are to be believed.

god of war


The video ends with a heart-warming father-son scene, overshadowed by the flight of a dragon over them, showing us that there’s still so much to look forward to. Such little information, so much time.


As of now, there is no news on release date, but fingers crossed that it’s sooner than later.


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