Dyson Pure Cool Review: Game changing or minimalistic upgrade?


Only Dyson can make a fan and air purifier exciting and desirable. We got to try the Pure Cool out for a couple of weeks and, as always, simply enjoyed having a Dyson product in our midst.

Dyson Pure Cool: What is it really?

Dyson’s Pure Cool is a two-in-one product that acts as a normal fan and an air purifier that promises to remove 99.95 per cent of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns from the air. To most people that may sound impressive but it’s hard to make much sense of how it could impact your daily life. You’d be surprised to learn the kind of invisible pollutants that exist in the air you breathe at home and in the office. Dyson’s Pure Cool can be used as an ordinary fan, a fan that also purifies the air around you and just as an air purifier sans the fan for chilly winter evenings.

The everyday air we breathe is filled with bacteria, pollution, pollen, allergens and odours. Allergic folk would know this better than most. It’s a great practice for a healthier life to ensure the air you and your family breathes is free from such rubbish.

Dyson Pure Cool: Design

When you think of a fan, you might not imagine something like the Dyson Pure Cool: a sleek white blade-less structure. The design’s quite iconic and, in true Dyson style, pleasing to the eyes. On the top you’ve got a large circular design, looks like a halo where Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology directs purified air up and through the thin slits around the outside edge of the fan. The base is split into two parts: 90 per cent is taken up by the filter with the bottom 10 per cent is the stand that allows the entire fan to turn side to side and even swivel back and forth to reach different heights.

As always a Dyson product out of the box incorporates a fun exercise to put it all together. The filter and the main fan body need to put together. The filter is split into two: an inner carbon filter for gasses, and an outer HEPA filter to capture small particles. Both filters are meant to last around a year, assuming 12 hours of daily use. The level of pollutants in your surroundings and overall runtime will affect this figure.

Dyson Pure Cool: Function

Just below the main fan and on top of the base is the power button and a LCD display. The display shows you the current output, temperature and level of pollutants in the surrounding air. The LCD display highlights all the particles and gases the Pure Cool is automatically sensing in real time. Dyson’s algorithm processes the input from three sensors and then displays air quality readings. Lasers measure and identify ultra-fine particles. A separate sensor detects the amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, such as benzene and formaldehyde, emitted from paint, burning candles and materials in furniture) and NO 2 present. A third sensor measures relative humidity and temperature.

The Pure Cool has a 350-degree oscillation that allows it to reach every corner of an average room. You can even choose different oscillation angles: 45, 90, 180 and 350 degrees.

The Dyson Pure Cool comes with a small remote that will help you toggle different settings of the fan. You can set it to automatically rotate so it covers the whole room or keep still in a single direction. You can adjust the fan speed from low to high, switch it on and off, change oscillation modes and switch cooling mode off completely so it doesn’t blow any air out but continues purifying the air. Perfect for chilly winter evenings. It’s suggested to just leave it on Auto so the fan speeds up and slows based on the quality of your air. The fan will pause when the air is clean. There’s also night mode. It dims the lights and changes Auto mode, so that the maximum fan speed is 4. You can manually adjust the setting if you prefer it cooler.

Dyson Pure Cool: Dyson Link App

Of course it comes with an app! The Dyson Link app lets you use it as a remote plus other nifty features. You can view the quality of the outdoor air by setting your location to really get an understanding of how good/bad your area is. You can set the start point of the oscillation through the app so you can fine tune how you want to cool your area.

A timer allows you to choose when the fan will turn off automatically. It starts at 15-minute increments to the hour, then hourly until the maximum of nine hours. The app lets you set a schedule for your Dyson Pure Cool. You can choose what the fan should do at different times of the day, and different days of the week. For example the weekend it can be on during the day while weekdays you just want it on while you sleep.

Dyson Pure Cool: Verdict

Like any Dyson product, the Pure Cool fits in nicely with almost any room decor. It’s as functional as it is aesthetic. I definitely found myself feel fresher and more alert thanks to the fresher environment I was breathing in every day. Some evening I didn’t need the air conditioning on thanks to the cool air. Having the Pure Cool on Auto was perfect. At high levels, the fan can get noisy however once it begins the purification work you don’t need it above the 3-5 level even if you just need to cool a room. Of course it wouldn’t cut it in our summer days.

An air purifier might rarely make lists of must-buys for homes or offices, but it should. The clean air makes a significant difference to the overall quality of life for everyone, especially houses with infants. The Dyson Pure Cool starts at Dhs 2,308.95 for the desk fan, which is what reviewed and the tower will cost you Dhs 2518.95 so it definitely isn’t a cheap buy. Thanks to Dyson’s revolutionary and trustworthy tech, it definitely has a leg up over cheaper air purifiers. It’s also not something you can immediately see results from however you’ll feel the difference in the long run. So if you’re considering if it’s worth it, it definitely is.


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