Dyson Digital Slim Review: A few months later, I still love it

While the smallest in the company’s line-up right now, the Dyson Digital Slim packs a good punch


A few years ago, when I asked my mother for a vacuum cleaner as a birthday present; I felt like the absolute adult ‘investing’ in her shared accommodation with the most basic vacuum cleaner I had grown up around. It felt simple. I asked for something quite basic. 

Fast forward to 2021, I found myself moving into my own one-bedroom apartment for the very first time. As the expenses of furnishing a new home rolled in; my desire of wanting to take care of every little investment I made in what was to become my very first home kicked in. 

Only a few months ago I made the switch from a basic 30 Euro straightener to the Dyson Corrale, and it’s funny how history repeats itself (fairly quickly sometimes!) because in the same year I now find myself checking out the Dyson Digital Slim. The instant appeal? It was compact, cordless, fuss-free and a bit cheaper than it’s bigger siblings. The issue? I had no idea there’s over a dozen ways to use a vacuum cleaner. Clearly, I was late to the party but here is what I found out and learnt after a few months of using the device. 

Dyson Digital Slim

What’s in the box?

Before we go any further, let’s see what’s in the box of the ‘Fluffy Extra’ version of the Dyson Digital Slim.

Look and feel

Unlike anything I have used before, the Dyson Digital Slim packs its most essential experience in a concentrated, lightweight, slim compact body where the base machine is able to adapt to a variety of accessories that come with the new product. 

The Digital Slim is 20% smaller and 30% than Dyson’s V11. Weighing only 1.9kg, the handheld vacuum was a breeze to carry around in the house using only one hand and not having to deal with the fuss of wires. 

Available in Dyson’s recognizable purple colour, the vacuum is a slick machine to look at, that can easily be dismantled and customised using as many as 8 attachments that accompany your purchase. 

In my case, it also came with a wall mount which meant I could install my Digital Slim up on any available wall, ready for use whenever I needed it. There are two reasons I did not use the wall mount.

Firstly, I live in a tiny one bedroom where every wall is dedicated to amplifying the space aesthetically and I just couldn’t spare the space for a vacuum to take over one of the walls. Secondly, no matter how fancy my vacuum; i just don’t think I am someone that would ever display a household machine out in the open. It worked out just fine because; once dismantled, the Dyson Digital Slim fits in any available space; well hidden from the eyes of any visitors. 

Dyson Digital Slim Bin
The smaller bin on the Dyson Digital Slim is definitely a bit of a drawback on the machine

The Mechanics

In order to achieve the smaller structure, Dyson engineers have worked to remodel the cyclone pack and motor housing of the machine to ensure they fit together in a confined space and still manage to deliver performance similar to other vacuums by the brand.

The Dyson Hyperdymium motor spins at up to 120,000rpm to generate 100 Air Watts of powerful suction. The team also reduced usage of screws and seals to shave of unwanted weight from the machine. 

I saw the proof of performance in just a few days of usage, where as I made my way through different attachments, the machine’s suction remained powerful and consistent. So even with the vision of creating a smaller and lighter machine, it was quite clear that performance remained at the heart of Dyson’s latest innovation. 

Customised experiences

Initially, I was sure that I would find my favourite attachment; most likely the fluffy and stick to it instead of actually exploring what the other add ons had to offer. While there is no doubt that the Slim Fluffy Cleaner head was extremely convenient and decently powerful to use in most of my house; there were occasions when I went hunting in my Dyson box and did manage to find the perfect fit. 

Mini Motorised Tool

The one I found myself going back to repeatedly was the Mini Motorised Tool that clipped on to the base body, ready to be used for deep cleaning on any surface. The first time I used it on my 4 month old mattress; I had little hope of seeing any major difference. Then I saw the bin fill up. Not with dust. But with dust mites which I realised had specifically been mentioned by the Dyson team at launch about how the tool’s suction had the strength to capture them.

Now given that we already live everyday with the presence of dust mites in our natural state and all around us, I am not sure how advisable it would be to get rid of them completely. That being said,  in the age of COVID-19, you can’t blame me for getting hooked to the attachment once I had seen the results.

In 4 months, I have used the motorized head to clean my mattress, the car seats, my reading chair, the couch after hosting company. It’s quick, easy and it keeps my mind at ease during a pandemic. It’s a feature I very much appreciate but would not categorise as an absolute essential in a vacuum cleaner. 

Dyson Light Pipe Crevice
The light pipe crevice tool came in handy in quite a few scenarios

Light pipe crevice tool

My second favourite was the light pipe crevice tool which felt like a sci-fi gimmick when I first encountered it but when I shattered a glass in my living room post dusk; i resorted to this very tool to make sure no piece of glass was missed. It was especially helpful in areas like under the couch and behind my plants.  


I wouldn’t be alone in admitting that in the last few years, the number of devices I put on charge during the day or overnight has easily tripled. While a vacuum was not the most natural addition to the list, the Dyson’s cordless feature was a game changer. It removed the feeling of vacuuming being a tedious task at all. What makes it even better is that due to its detachable battery, you don’t need to worry about having the entire machine on display while charging. 

When it comes to battery life, the straightforward display off the back of the main unit is well placed with an LCD screen that shows current performance, selected power mode, remaining run time, filter maintenance reminders and blockage reports to provide real time updates so it’s a constant reminder of when i have to charge. I am notorious for not charging my devices on time and I can proudly say that not once did I need the Dyson and found it out of charge. 

Dyson Digital Slim Battery
The battery indicator on the Dyson Digital Slim with it’s three modes

Much like the cordless feature, the detachable battery makes the overall battery process feel like less of a task. I mainly operate the device on its Eco mode and while the battery life is just 40 minutes, I am not the type of person who does a grand home cleaning all at once. So in my case, whether I was cleaning the floor, my mattress or any other surfaces around the house, I never ran out of battery while in the middle of a task at hand. 

Dust Storage

If I were to complain about one thing; it would have to be the limited size of the bin attached to the main unit of the Digital Slim. While I understand that a smaller bin was essential to live up to the promise of being lighter and smaller, I do find myself emptying out the bin at least twice during a normal run which affects the overall tempo of cleaning. The push mechanism to empty the canister is easy, but it’s not perfect every time due to the very size of the canister. 

Dyson Digital Slim Mattress cleaning
Mattress cleaning is definitely one of the biggest perks of the Dyson Digital Slim

Final Thoughts

Even 4 months later, I continue to find more ways to use the Dyson Digital Slim. It’s definitely taken my home cleaning routine up a notch. It’s thorough, customisable, powerful and overall a very convenient experience.

The best part? It’s just removed the horrific connotation of vacuuming as a task for me. I never find myself procrastinating its usage as I know exactly what and how I want to clean and which attachment will work best for it.

The Dyson Digital Slim is a task-focused machine without the baggage of it being a heavy chore. Only a few days ago, my sister vacuumed the entire house while holding her 1 year old baby in her arm – and if a multitasking mother can make it work so well….so can I!

Should you buy the Dyson Digital Slim?

The Digital Slim is definitely worth the investment if you live in a small apartment (specially with the current Ramadan offers). That’s an important contingency to note as the product itself has been especially designed and engineered for smaller homes with little storage space.

If you live in a 3-4 bedroom which has enough storage, I would recommend going for one of the brand’s bigger machines to take advantage of their longer battery life. 

In my case, I see the lightest of the brand’s current range being a resident in my home for a long time to come.


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