Dyson Corrale 30-day Review: A worthy Dh1999 investment?

The Dyson Corrale brings about the question of whether long-term hair care is worth a large initial investment. We spent a month with the device, let's find out!


The first time I used a hair straightener was out of sheer imitation. One of those things you have to jump on because an elder sibling is trying it out. It’s 16 years later and my naturally silky straight hair is now a long forgotten memory. Still thick but damaged, frizzy and overall wavy if you prefer a picture painted.

Until now, my only condition for a straightener was for it to get the job done, be affordable and somewhat long-lasting. So as someone that has used cheap straighteners her whole life, when I heard about a Dh1,999 straightener, my first reaction was complete disbelief which gradually transitioned to curiosity. I had to find out exactly what the Dyson Corrale had to offer to justify a price tag that could check multiple items off my wishlist. 

Dyson Corrale

One month into getting to know the Dyson Corrale and I can confirm that my initial take on straighteners was incomplete at best, so I have put down a few reasons that justify taking the very expensive leap and some scenarios where you might be just fine without it. 

Gorgeous enough to pass as decor

The Dyson Corrale definitely has a presence of its own, with a remarkable Purple/Black color (only available if you purchase directly from Dyson) and a Black Nickel/Fuchsia option, silky matte finish and a charging dock that is sleek enough to make you want to dedicate dresser space to the straightener. 

Sleek enough to make you want to dedicate dresser space to the straightener

My initial impression on picking up the Corrale was that it’s quite heavy and its surface rather slippery. The first usage was spent trying to manage the size and weight of the device and to maintain my grip on it’s pretty but tricky surface. Over the next few weeks, I started warming up to the size and finish. The Corrale became much easier to handle and if anything, its curved body started to feel like the perfect fit for my hand allowing me to have better grip than any other straightener before. 

The taste of freedom

While in the industry, a cordless straightener is not groundbreaking; this was my first time ever using one, and it was extremely liberating not having to scoot near a power plug and actually being able to move around while straightening my hair. 

The charging cable magnetically connects to the Corrale as well as the charging base.

While the device does come with a magnetic cord that typically attaches to its dock, the same cord can be attached directly to the straightener for extended use. Its 360 degree swivel allows for freedom of movement so that no matter what way you turn, the cord freely follows through. I personally wouldn’t prefer to use the Corrale with its cord simply because the restricted movement might affect my ability to manage its body size and weight but it’s definitely good to have the option. 

As pretty as the texture of the body is, you will find that fingerprints stick around especially if you (like me) do your hair after makeup. So be prepared to clean the surface regularly.

Not just a pretty face

The Dyson Corrale’s come with an OLED display for easy reading of information

A striking colour and luxe finish is not all that the Dyson Corrale’s body offers.  It also comes with an OLED that displays battery level and temperatures. The device comes with 3 temperature settings with 210 degrees being the highest setting. There’s also a safety lock that is an absolute relief because I used to loathe leaving my straightener messy on the floor when I left it to cool down. The safety lock is perfect for immediate storage after use and of course very useful for travel as well.

Speaking of travel, there’s also a ‘flight-ready’ feature which i did not know was a thing for straighteners. The straightener comes with a sort of tab which can be pulled out. This tab disconnects all major electric parts in the device, leading to extreme safety while travelling. Thanks to You-Know-What I won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of the ‘flight-ready’ feature until at least 2021. 

The Dyson Corrale comes flight-ready!

The promise of a long life and much less anxiety

As far as battery is concerned, Dyson claims up to 30 minutes usage on a fully charged device. In an entire month of usage, this claim has been lived up to with a beep at the 20-25 minute mark that always makes me rush through the last few locks.

Another feature that I loved, which once again is probably not unheard of in straighteners is the auto shut off. I have spent entire dinner parties in paralysing anxiety trying to remember if I turned off my straightener. So much so, that once I was convinced I was going to come back to a house on flames after a night out. No, I never burnt down the house. Yes, the Corrale’s auto shut off feature adds a layer of comfort to my days out knowing the device will shut off after 10 minutes of inactivity. 

The showstopper 

As far as daily usage is concerned, the one feature I was extremely curious about were the Dyson Corrale’s flexible plates, which claim to wrap around your hair and hold it while you straighten instead of pressing down on your hair, while you’re pulling on the hair.

Now in theory, I didn’t really get this but as I used it regularly, I understood that when making my way down a lock, I didn’t feel a strong pull, rather a smooth movement down my hair. Almost like a detangler, that doesn’t strain your hair when working its way through. The evidence of this? Hair on the floor post a straightening session has significantly reduced in the last one month. Even breakage throughout the day and post shower is easily down by 50% which proves my hair is not getting strained during a session.

The Intelligent Heat Control feature of the Corrale which regulates temperatures of the plates 100 times a second also keeps my hair from being overheated. Due to this feature, I have noticed that not once did my hair smell like it was overheated or burnt which has been a comment (albeit a rude one) from people in the past. It’s an unreal feeling when you realise that your straightener, yes your straightener, has a chipset inside it, making all these smart decisions. 

When it comes to getting the job done

Now if you’re staying loyal to Avril Lavigne’s early 2000s look, this might not be the device for you. Even at its highest temperature, the Dyson Corrale has never left my hair flat and slick straight. There is always a bounce and certain amount of volume which I personally prefer. My hair is generally thick and frizzy, so I like that even after straightening, it retains enough of its body without any frizz, making the look a whole lot natural. However, it makes me question the device’s ability to give a similar effect on thicker, curlier hair. 

I did achieve a similar effect with lower temperatures, but here is an interesting observation: Hair that was straightened at 210 degrees, stuck around for longer (easily 2 days) whereas my lower temperature sessions started showing signs of frizz after slightly over a day. 

Should you buy it?

The girl that spent her entire life on cheap straighteners is officially sold. I have felt my hair become healthier in one month of usage, fallen in love with its end result and find all of its carefully designed features extremely useful and as someone that is trying to take better care of her hair and skin, this investment makes sense for me. So if you have Dh2000 to spare and are already on a mission to be nicer to your hair; go for the Dyson Corrale. 

For someone that’s just looking to get the job done, really wants that flat ironed look  and has faith in the natural strength of their hair, you just might be better off delaying this particular purchase until your hair really tells you it needs a bit more love. 


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