Dubizzle’s new video CV is quite interesting

dubizzle video cv

Dubizzle, the UAE’s leading classifieds platform, has launched a video job application feature allowing jobseekers to submit their applications via a video recording for free.

This new tool allows jobseekers to record a 10-second to two-minute video job application directly on to the platform.

Dubizzle’s stats show that last year there were more than 285,250 jobs ads listed on the site, with an average of 240 applicants per position.

The video job application feature allows recruiters to view a snapshot of an applicant’s basic knowledge and demeanour, saving time that would otherwise be spent sifting through high volumes of written CVs. The feature significantly streamlines the screening process.

It’s free and easy to use, without the complications of having to use a separate program to record and upload the video.

Below are two informative and entertaining videos explaining the best way to go about doing it. So check it out for a few tips and hints on how to maximise your chances in landing an interview.

Dubizzle’s video CV: Dos

Dubizzle’s video CV: Don’ts

Mireia Mujika - Product Manager for Jobs at dubizzle“Through the new tool, recruiters will see a small video symbol next to the candidate’s application on their dubizzle jobs dashboard. These will be positioned on the top of the pile of applicants who have sent through their CVs, immediately giving the applicant with a video CV a competitive advantage over others, and allowing recruiters to focus on screening out unsuitable applicants and scheduling interviews with candidates that are better matched for the role they are advertising.”
Mireia Mujika, Product Manager Dubizzle Jobs