Hard shoulder violators: you’re on Dubai Police’s radar

Dubai Police Radar
A Dubai Police official demonstrates the new radar during Gitex Technology Week

Dubai Police on Monday showcased a radar to catch people who drive on the hard shoulder during Gitex Technology Week, Gulf News reports.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of Dubai Traffic Police, said this radar is different as it takes high quality photos of the back or front of the violating vehicle, in addition to taking a ten-second video of the vehicle as soon as it crosses the yellow line.

“The new radar is locally manufactured and detects hard shoulder violations and vehicles entering undesignated areas,” he said. He added that using the hard shoulder for non-emergencies is very dangerous as one can crash into a vehicle parked there for an emergency.

The hard shoulder is also mainly supposed to be used by emergency vehicles.

Violators caught

Lt Col Mohammad Ali Karam, director of the department of traffic technologies, said the radar has done well in the trial phase, as it was able to catch violators. He said that the radar’s small size and light weight make it practical and easy to put in different places, adding that it can cover a distance of 50 metres.

It is also easily programmable, can be remotely controlled and takes high-resolution photos using infrared technology without needing a flash.

Lt Col Karam said the data stored on the radar can be transferred via 3G wireless or USB to be processed and for the fine to be issued.

The device can be used in two ways — placed temporarily on the side of the road using a tripod and a battery, or put in a fixed position in a box that uses an electric source, whether solar-powered or not.