Dubai, Morgan Freeman shows you the Waze to brunch

morgan freeman
Morgan Freeman being interviewed by Gulf News in Dubai back in 2009. Photo by Oliver Clarke/ GN Archives

Dubai’s crazy drivers insist the Waze app is better than Google Maps*, because it’s much easier to operate and well, cooler.

It just got a whole lot cooler.

Morgan Freeman, last seen endorsing Hillary Clinton, will now tell you how to get to work, to the gym, to brunch. The acting legend’s joins a series of fine voices on the GPS app, including Arnold Scharwzenegger as the Terminator, Kevin Hart, and Stephen Colbert.

Sure, Freeman has a movie in the works (London Has Fallen, where he plays the US Vice-President again – it’s a sequel to Olympus Has Fallen), but his deep, soothing voice should help city drivers calm the [expletive deleted] down. The Oscar winner is the best movie narrator on the planet, after all.

OK so it’s a short-term thing, but Waze insiders have said Freeman’s is the most-requested voice on the app – despite the advert you see when requesting his services on the app. So as long as he doesn’t bring Hillary (who’s also auditioning for a new job), we can predict continued success for Waze, which you can download here.

The movie’s out on international release March 4.

(* Google bought Waze for over $1 billion in 2013)