Dubai Festival City partners with Spotify to launch a music library

Retailer moving into the music industry


For what seems to be the first time in history, a mall has partnered with a music streaming service to launch its music library through a laser and light show. It was the Dubai Festival City Mall who recently joined hands with Spotify to release its show’s soundtracks.

Imagine: Dubai’s laser and light show

Dubai Festival City hosts the largest laser and light show, Imagine. The show is free for all visitors and plays every night from the Festival Bay. It is a harmonious combination of lasers, lights, fire and water that come together to depict series of stories.

A display from the show Imagine (via DFC)

Imagine is also currently the holder of two Guinness World Records: the largest water screen projection and the largest permanent projection mapping. The show also features its own soundtracks produced by a full-blown orchestra.

What is the partnership?

Steven Cleaver, Director of Malls Dubai, says people watching the show wanted to have access to the show’s music library. “Customers were watching our shows and asking, ‘I can’t seem to find this song on Spotify’, and we realised there was an important opportunity to connect with our customers through the music of the Imagine Show.”

Partnership announcement

That’s why the mall launched a partnership with popular music streaming service Spotify. In the app, you’ll be able to find the complete music library from the Imagine show. The popularity of Spotify has been rapidly increasing across the Middle East and North Africa ever since its debut a year ago. With more and more people using Spotify every day, this seems to be an advantageous move for the mall and people who love its show.