Virgin Mobile named UAE’s third operator after du and Etisalat


Etisalat and du have had their strong-hold on the telecommunications market for quite a while now. Well not for very long. The Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), the holding company of du, today announced the launch of Virgin Mobile as a new brand in the UAE. 

Osman Sultan, CEO of EITC, said the EITC will have full ownership, management and operation of the Virgin Mobile brand in the country. Unfortunately, financial details were not released during the press conference. 

Just like du, Virgin Mobile will use the network and infrastructure of EITC in the UAE. An internal business unit has been created to manage the brand in the country, with Karim Benkirane appointed Managing Director. He will handle operations of the company and report to Sultan.  

Registration for the beta programme is now open online. To register, click here.

The EITC was formed as a second telecom provider in the UAE in 2006 and du followed with its services in 2007. 

How many people remember the excitement when du was launched? Do you think Virgin Mobile will create the same? Lets us know below.