First Look: Drift Ghost S camera

Drift's Ghost S camera is twice as powerful as its predecessor


Drift, the active lifestyle-focused technology company, launched the Ghost S, its most powerful camera yet. The device, which is designed for shooting video and photos on the move, is poised to revolutionise adventure photography thanks to technological enhancements, new easy-to-use features and long battery life.

Ghost S – high-quality video and stills

Building on the success of the Drift Ghost Camera, the Ghost S takes the best quality video and stills ever in a Drift camera. Packed with technology, the device contains a leading processor, a Sony CMOS Sensor and 7-element aspherical lens technology, making it capable of shooting 1080p video at 60fps, and taking 12MP stills. On the outside, the camera boasts a 300-degree rotating lens, enabling users to quickly change perspective, while a vivid 2-inch Corning Gorilla Glass display makes recording easy whether on a bike or up to three metres underwater.

Ghost S – powerful features

The Ghost S is packed with professional-calibre settings like 10x digital zoom, bit rate, resolution, frame rate, exposure, field of view and manual HDMI out – allowing users to create bespoke images and videos on the fly. The camera also features slow shutter mode, which is activated automatically in low light to provide the best image quality.


The Ghost S was made to use on the move. The camera’s Two-Way remote lets users toggle easily between different modes such as Video, Photo, Photoburst and Timelapse, even with gloves on. For those who want to control the device from afar, the Drift App allows them to manipulate the device from an iPhone or Android phone.

Video Tagging – set it and forget it

The Video Tagging feature allows users to run the camera continuously without filling up an SD card. When users capture a scene they like, they can scroll back in the footage, tag the video they like, then save that portion of footage to an SD cad, minimising editing time. And, with a battery that runs for 3.5 hours, it’s possible to film an entire afternoon of activity in one go.

Clone mode

To facilitate more advanced videography, users can now sync up to five drift cameras to one Ghost S device via Wi-Fi. A central camera controls all five making it easy to switch simultaneously between modes on all cameras, capturing different footage and stills.