Dreamscape brings a new VR adventure to the UAE

The new VR destination will open at the Mall of the Emirates on December 19


Following the opening of Dreamscape’s first two locations in Los Angeles and Dallas, its first location outside the United States will open on December 19 at Mall of the Emirates. It uses new VR (virtual reality) technology blurring the lines between the physical and the virtual world.

Three adventures

The Dreamscape experience is made up of three original, critically-acclaimed and epic immersive adventures. It is well suited for audiences of all ages and truly has a wow factor. In Alien Zoo, you can travel to an intergalactic haven, coming face-to-face with endangered alien creatures. Guests will be able to play with pet majestic creatures and lead an adventure to narrowly escape the galaxy’s greatest predator.

When you enter and register, you can create your own avatar for the VR experience

Next is Curse of the Lost Pearl, which is a magic projector adventure that makes you part of a movie. You will have to unlock clues, escape treacherous traps and work together to discover the secret of the pearl. Lastly, there is Blu: Deep Rescue which is Dreamscape’s co-production with WeVR. It involves exploring dazzling underwater worlds and aquatic creatures which turns into an urgent mission to rescue a trapped baby Blue Whale.

First impressions

Gearing up for the Curse of the Lost Pearl was quite the experience. Before entering the VR world, you have to wear a backpack, sensors on your hands and shoes and a headset. Once inside, the experience is surreal. Throughout it, there are multiple instances where you need to interact with both the real and virtual world. An example of this is when I had to pick up a torch to clear through an alley. Not only was I holding the torch within the adventure but also in the real world.

This is where you gear up before entering your VR adventure

The seamless manner in which everything panned out was enjoyable. There were also times when I had to work with my team-mates within the adventure to progress. And for that reason, experiencing this with a group of friends would add a whole new dimension to this. The concept of solving riddles, communicating and inevitably conquering is sure to add to the excitement.

The decor and ambience of Dreamscape is welcoming

Due to its sheer brilliance, it is not a surprise to see this backed by some of Hollywood’s most successful studios, namely WarnerMedia, Viacom and 21st Century Fox among others. The merging of the physical and digital world is quite remarkable and I am already looking forward to trying the other adventures, and how Dreamscape expands with more in the future.

When can you go?

Dreamscape is located next to the Apple Store at Mall of the Emirates and will be open to public on December 19. Tickets for each adventure start at Dh75 with a show every 30 minutes through weekdays and weekends. Learn more by visiting their website, where you can also book your tickets.


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