Doom Unto the Evil DLC out now


Unto the Evil, the first DLC for Doom, is out now. Bethesda‘s award-winning reprisal of the groundbreaking classic FPS from ID Software has sadly not given us more heart-shredding single player content.

Evil maps

However, you can enjoy three new multiplayer maps. All have suitably demonic-sounding names: Cataclysm, Ritual and Offering.

Cataclysm is an off-world space station where those nutters at the UAC have opened a permanent portal to places they really shouldn’t. For the uninitiated, think Skynet but more into Hell than artificial intelligence. Players can hop through a number of portals and enjoy killing each other in split environments.

Evil Cataclysm
Cataclysm is a space station with portals that take you STRAIGHT TO HELL

If you’re more a fan of unholy sacrifices and artifacts one would be ill-advised to touch, then Ritual is the map for you. The UAC have done it again! Not content with just one portal to hell, this energy conglomerate/space government has been authorising cultish experiments around the colder parts of Mars. The result? If you get your hands on the aforementioned artifact, all your enemies will burn. In Hell.

Evil Ritual
Ritual: The cooky cultists of the UAC just don’t ever learn, do they? Make sure to pick up the artifact that will BURN ENEMIES WITH FIRE

Speaking of Hell, why not skip the foreplay and just go there yourself? Bethesda reckons you’d like to, which is why the company designed Offering. Run, jump and double-jump your way through an ancient temple/fortress set in Hell itself. Just watch out for the lava. And the instant death pits.

Evil Offering
If you enjoyed Kadingir Sanctum in the campaign, you’ll love the Offering map

Evil weapons

One of the coolest things about MP Doom is the way you can transform into a Baron of Hell to chase down and rip to shreds the hapless opposition. Naturally, Bethesda has added a new monster to the mix. The Harvester is “a terrifying demon that consumes souls using lightning energy before unleashing a devastating ranged attack”.

Evil Harvester
The Harvester. It looks…friendly *gulps*

We’ve already looked at the wicked weapons of Doom, but now the UAC EMG Pistol has been added to multiplayer. It fires fast, has unlimited ammo and a strong charged up energy secondary attack.

Evil pistol
Pew pew pew… a weak but rapid-firing pistol with unlimited shots and a great charge up attack

The Kinetic Mine waits patiently for its victim. Should your unaware, unfortunate foe enter its proximity, the mine will magnetically launch itself at them. The resulting explosion will cause area-wide damage.

There’s also style amid all the substance. You can now don robotic-themed armour.

evil robotic armour
Robo-armour FTW!


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