DJI Osmo Mobile Review: A Dream Video Stabilizer


The immensely popular trend of vlogging has had many companies adapt their products to suit consumers. When speaking of DJI, their drones are the first products that come to mind however the company offers more beyond that. The Osmo is their standard video stabilizer equipped with a 4K camera however for customers wanting to take advantage of their smartphone cameras, the Osmo Mobile is the perfect alternative. Available for AED1249 via Advanced Media in the UAE, what does it offer?

Build and Setup

DJI Osmo Mobile

The Osmo Mobile is built well for the most part and feels solid in the hand. Its adjustable grip allows it to work with a variety of devices, big and small with bigger devices struggling just a bit in terms of balance. Once the DJI companion application is downloaded from either the Google Play or Apple’s App store, it is a simple case of pairing the Osmo Mobile via Bluetooth before it is ready to be used.

Companion Application

User Experience

Buttons on the Osmo Mobile allow users to remotely capture video and pictures using the application while the joystick up front provides movement controls. The trigger switch at the back is also useful for holding the smartphone at a user defined angle or to switch cameras by triple tapping. This adds a nice bit of convenience when the Osmo Mobile is outstretched for vlogging.

Intuitive Controls

Video Quality

When comparing video footage captured by the stabilizer with that captured without it, a noticeable difference is seen. The stability enhances the quality of footage and makes it more appealing to the eye. The application also comes with its fair share of features such as the ability to track objects automatically or to stitch up time lapses and motion lapses. The latter needs good concentration in keeping the Osmo Mobile stable throughout motion time-lapses and the case isn’t helped with the application capturing only a second’s worth of time-lapsed footage for every thirty seconds. Have a look at the video above for some samples.


DJI’s vast ecosystem provides a number of accessories for users to take advantage of with the handheld stabilizer. The proprietary nature means they are not only compatible with one another but are also very easy to set up.

The vehicle mount allows users to attach their Osmo Mobile to either the dashboard or window of their car with the help of suction cups. In spite of being on the heavier side, the suction cups held the unit well together and didn’t limit the functionality of the Osmo Mobile in any way. The large unit may be a distraction at first but over time, it doesn’t get in the eye and captures some very stable footage in spite of driving on bumpier roads that an ordinary phone mount just may not be able to do. The one aspect missing is voice gesture support which would have enhanced the experience in the car further.

Vehicle Mount

To provide more stability to the use of the Osmo Mobile outdoors, the extension rod paired with the tripod is a great combination for filming time-lapses. The tripod has a wide base so it is not easily toppled even in windy conditions. However the rod was a bit on the short side and was almost always used at a height in order to get the right shot.

Tripod and Extension Rod

Smaller accessories such as the universal mount and the straight arm extension rod are useful for when a portable light is to be attached or if more intricacy is required when capturing shots respectively. On more adventurous trips, these may come in handy alongside the Osmo Mobile and don’t really take much space.

Straight Arm Extension


The DJI Osmo Mobile is a great tool for consumers looking to improve their video quality on the go. Its ability to be used with various other accessories and the way it can be paired with a variety of smartphones is its major selling point. At its current price, the stabilizer offers a lot to like and can prove to be a good investment even for the more casual video makers.