Did Samsung give us a sneak peak at the Galaxy Fold 2?

Will the next decade be the battle of foldable smartphone form factors?


The Samsung Galaxy Fold, even months after its release still remains a novelty. We had a chance to check it out extensively in our full review earlier. But what has Samsung got in store for its next-generation foldable smartphone?

A big difference

In a nutshell, the Galaxy Fold’s concept is to turn a smartphone into a tablet. But Samsung’s next foldable device might unfold into a smartphone. This concept reminds us of the flip phones or clamshell phones we have seen in the past. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am too young to have experienced those but the concept does look promising given modern-day foldable display technology.

Samsung is exploring a new form factor for foldable smartphones

And we are not just going by speculation with this idea either. The concept was shown officially at Samsung’s recently concluded developer conference. Have a look for yourself above.

Could this be a success?

Judging by the small teaser we got from Samsung, it looks like the company is not scared to innovate. Back in the day, flip phones were a big success with the Motorola Razr leading the lineup so Samsung’s concept is no punt in the dark. If done right, the form factor could be reborn. Unsurprisingly, Motorola is also set to unveil the world’s first foldable clamshell phone on November 13.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Gaming
What do you think is the future of foldable smartphones?

It is unclear whether Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy Fold will have an external display with its clamshell design. Looking at it from a usability standpoint, there seems to be no need for it as it would be too small a display. But as this would still technically be a prototype, we cannot discount anything just yet.


The next version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold may be unveiled sometime next year. Samsung could stick to a similar launch time frame as this year, with it opting to announce it at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, happening in February 2020. Talks of the phone already being in development are circulating and supposedly, it will be cheaper as well, which would be a welcome change.