Deus Ex Go: Augmented puzzles on your smartphone


Following in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed Hitman Go and Apple’s iPhone Game of the Year 2015, Lara Croft Go, Square Enix Montréal has now released Deus Ex Go. This unique take on a near future dystopian world is available now through the App Store and Google Play for Dh17.99.

Deus Ex Go
In keeping with the Go series, you need to work your way across levels

Deus Ex Go is a turn-based puzzle infiltration game set in a stylised interpretation of the Deus Ex Universe. As covert agent Adam Jensen, players will use hacking, combat and augmentations to solve intricate puzzles and unravel the conspiracy behind a terrorist plot.

Deus Ex Go

Unlike other Go titles, this one has a story (though not a particularly inspiring one, going by this screengrab)

In a similar format to Hitman and Lara Croft, you play across more than 50 increasingly challenging story levels. What’s new is the live content feature, which delivers a new puzzle every weekday. Players will need to outsmart a variety of enemies including guards, turrets, drones and walkers.

Deus Ex Go

The dangers you (as Adam Jensen) will face include guards, turrets and walkers

Hitman Go had assassination as a base level objective. Lara Croft‘s was exploration. Deus Ex Go has hacking: solve a puzzle to manipulate the environment and gain an advantage. In keeping with the theme of the Deus Ex series, some of these are augmented.

Deus Ex Go
Hacking, a key element of the futuristic Deus Ex universe, also plays a role in Go

Unlike Hitman and Lara Croft, however, here you have an actual storyline. There’s also an incentive for AAA title Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which is out August 23. You can unlock extra Praxis Kits for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One game through Go by becoming a Square Enix member.

Deus Ex Go
Adam Jensen’s beard in 1080p glory. Go offers players of the related AAA title incentives

Another new feature in the Go series is the Puzzle Maker. Expected to launch after the initial release, the puzzle maker allows players to create challenging levels to share with friends. This is separate from Live Puzzles.

Deus Ex Go
The game’s triangular modules make map-making simple – a nice creative element rarely seen in mobile gaming

To learn more, visit the Square Enix website.