Dashbot: the car co-pilot you can control


Meet Dashbot, the world’s first AI-powered hands-free car kit. This little gadget lets you handle your messages, music and maps all without touching your phone. And the newest gizmo to take Kickstarter by storm.

The device connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and manages controls via voice recognition. For example, say “Dashbot, play Michael Jackson” or “Dashbot, take me home” and the AI does the rest, relaying the sounds through the car speakers. You can also change the name of the Dashbot to Computer and Co-Pilot. Same with the voice of the device also.

Dashbot uses a far-field beamforming microphone array and the latest digital signal processing to pick up surrounding noise. In other words, the thingamajig hears you no matter how bumpy the road or how loud the music. Yelling at it will not be required. It also employs a really good speech-to-text engine allowing drivers to send messages easily.

The display on the Dashbot is made of low-glare LEDs that flash red whatever message it is showing you. It is auto-dimming as well and shows visual cues that are easy to understand without having to pay too much attention.

Set-up is simple. Dashbot plugs into your USB or cigarette lighter socket and connects to your car via Bluetooth or auxiliary jack. It mounts to the cars’ dashboard with a small magnetic plate that attaches with a removable adhesive.

An expansion of the Dashbot allows drivers to access engine information, various sensor readings, speed and can even suggest when to turn your car in for service or tell you what’s wrong with it.

Head over to the Kickstarter page to read more and check out details on pricing and packs available. The Dashbot could be yours for as little as $49 (Dh180).