This has to be the coolest iPhone X wallpaper ever

"I want to see what your insides look like" takes on a whole new meaning


The folks at iFixit, known for its device tear-downs, recently provided an in-depth look at the internals of the new Apple iPhone X. From the tear-down we came to learn about Apple’s new approach to batteries, which included the new L shaped, two-cell battery. iFixit is calling this an “unprecedented degree of miniaturisation”.

But that’s not all iFixit got from the tear-down. It’s also taken some amazing high-res images of the internals of the device and these make for great wallpapers for the iPhone X.

This is that the team iFixit had to say.

With these sweet wallpapers, you can basically pretend you’re looking straight through the screen and into the heart of your phone — like you have X-ray vision. And speaking of X-rays — this year, we’ve two internals options for you: a gorgeous, high-resolution image and an X-ray image of your iPhone X insides. By the way, the edge-to-edge display makes this set of wallpapers especially slick.





The team says the images work in still as well as perspective mode. There are even steps provided on how to install them.

For best results, navigate to this blog post on your phone. Find the image you want as your wallpaper and click on the photo for the full resolution. Then, save the image onto your phone. You can set the wallpaper from “Wallpapers” in your phone’s Settings— “Choose a New Wallpaper” lists your recent photos, including downloads.

Click on your iPhone model to get the wallpapers for your device. 

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