Connect your phone to Griffin’s smart toaster

A smart 'toast' to perfect bread.


In this day and age, every appliance is smart. For many years, appliances have remained dumb so to speak, but 2017 seems to be the revolution. A toaster is already a great appliance. It lets you control how dark you want your bread up to a ridiculously good extent. But have we been missing out on something? Well, Griffin thinks so.

At the ongoing CES in Las Vegas, the company unveiled a range of smart home accessories. One of them is its smart toaster called the Connected Toaster, which is not the most creative name. On the outside, it looks like a regular toaster. But the magic is in its technology.

The toaster also offers native controls without the companion application.

The appliance uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to your phone’s companion application. It lets you choose different types of bread and has a slider to adjust how burnt the bread comes out. The process may involve trial and error but once you’ve discovered the perfect combination, the app can save the cooking profile.

That’s not all. The app also sends a notification to users when their slice of bread is perfectly cooked. You can argue about how the traditional toaster dings when its done but I seem to miss it on numerous occasions. The reason being I’m too distracted on my phone. With the app, you’ll never wake up to imperfect toast again.

The Connected Toaster is set to retail for $100 (around Dh365) which is much higher than most regular offerings. In exchange, users will get the smart functionality, which not many toasters offer at present. With the product, Griffin looks to bring on board consumers wishing to adopt smart homes in the near future. This year’s CES is geared towards exactly that – making the introduction of the product unique and apt. Do you think you’ll buy a smart toaster to replace your current one? Let us know.