Comic books in VR: a dream come true

3D panels literally in your face


You may have not dreamed of reading comic books in VR but you know it’s something you definitely want. That dream is slowly becoming a reality thanks to Madefire – a digital comics start-up that allows artists to make a different kind of graphic novels available to a digital generation who wants more than drawings on a piece of paper. They’re called Motion Books. Madefire publishes a variety of works from various publishers and have some originals as well. The company has now released a free Gear VR preview app that allows users to view their Motion Books in glorious VR. Full comic pages can now fill your view and creators will be able to add 3D panels to make the experience even more immersive.

For now you can only read Injustice: Year One and Madefire’s own Mono: The Old Curiosity Shop in the VR app. It’s a humble start but promises a very bright future for VR comic books. Madefire hopes to add some form of VR support to its entire library of more than 10,000 comic books by the end of this year.

The company hosts a fraction of the titles available today. Many of these may not be on your top reading list but there’s no denying that virtual reality is here to stay and will be a primary factor in our media-consuming future. Madefire is available to download in our region through the Apple StoreGoogle Play Store as well as a Windows 10 app with most of the comic books available to purchase.

VR has the potential to make everything great and I don’t see Marvel and DC taking long to incorporate VR into their top titles. Can you imagine how amazing Star Wars comics would be in VR?