Classic Nokia game Snake gets an AR update


Our younger readers may have not experienced the joys of old-school gaming on Nokia phones nearly two decades ago. Snake was a simple phone game that helped pass several hours pre-smartphone and even decent internet connectivity days.

Now HMD Global, the company responsible for Nokia phone business, has rejuvenated the classic game Snake using Facebook’s camera AR platform.

Snake in AR

Snake Mask and Snake Real World filters aim to give old fans a dose of nostalgia and hope to connect with a brand-new fan base. Snake Mask will use the front-facing camera to turn players into the Snake character. It will react to the motion of the player’s face as they move around.

Snake Real World activates the rear-facing camera allowing the player to take Snake on the move. Using Facebook’s new AR camera you can take Snake to play anywhere you want, be it at the zoo or even a plane. Integration with Facebook Live allows you to even stream your real-time Snake escapades. The camera effect can be accessed via the Facebook camera and is universally available on iOS and Android, not limited to Nokia smartphones.

Snake: The Comeback

Snake was reintroduced at the 2017 MWC for Facebook Messenger. Where users could invite their friends, share their scores, etc. “This was the first time in Snake’s history that it went onto a universal channel, rather than a device preload, and it gained 121 million players around the world,” said Pekka Rantala, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice-President of HMD Global.

It’s going to be interesting to see how old and new players will play and respond to the new Snake. It’s definitely interesting and I can’t wait to download it and give it a shot.



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