Children’s tablets get more sophisticated

LeapFrog Epic

Ever noticed how children reach for your gadgets even if they have the toy versions? Tech companies, especially the ones that make tablets for children, have. They are tapping into the market by manufacturing devices that look just like Dad’s and Mum’s – sophisticated and stylish with better display and faster processors, reports AP.

Companies such as LeapFrog and Kurio have started using Android and Windows instead of their custom-made software in some of their high-end devices to appeal to older children, says AP. The move allows these devices to run games and content from standard app stores.

But it’s not only games and apps that parents want. If that was the case, then they could have easily handed over their own tablets to children. They want significant educational benefits, better safety features and more parental control in children-only tablets.

Children’s tablets

AP takes a look at the children’s tablets on the market and their features.

Epic, an Android-powered LeapFrog tablet, is faster than a LeapPad. Children can easily play games on it and access about 10,000 child-friendly websites. What’s more, parents can limit and track the time children spent on videos, games and browsing.

Kurio’s Smart, a Windows 10 laptop with Microsoft Office free for a year, allows children to do their homework online as well as play video on their TV using an HDMI cable. The device is aimed at children between 8 and 12.

Amazon’s Fire for children comes with a year’s subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, its service where parents can set up separate profiles for children with access only to approved content such as books, apps, games and videos. Parents can limit the time spent on different types of content. And good news, Amazon is ready to replace the device if your child breaks it within two years.

(Image via gizmag)