Withings Move ECG makes monitoring your heart affordable

Move over Apple Watch Series 4. There's a new kid on the block.

I’ve been using the Withings Steel HR Sport for a few months now and it has completely converted me to a person who loves hybrid smartwatches. Withings has created a niche corner for itself when it comes to health tracking and shuffle from its founders to Nokia and back, the brand is coming back strong.

The Withings Move ECG
Source: Withings

At CES 2019, Withings launched three new products, one out of which has quite a few heads turning.

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Withings Move ECG: Features

When Apple released the Watch Series 4 last year with its ECG (electrocardiogram) capabilities, it came with two major flaws: It can only be used with Apple devices and was expensive.

The Withings Move ECG addresses both those issues and has a few tricks of its own. The Move ECG comes with three electrodes, two inside the back of the watch and one on the bezel. To use the ECG feature you would have to touch both sides of the bezel and the measurement would take place over a period of 20 seconds. When the measurement if done, the watch vibrates and you can check your information on the companion, Withings Health Mate app. The app also stores all information for future use.

Source: Withings

On the Withings website the ECG feature is mentioned as “soon-to-be FDA-cleared device”, which is said to be on sale in Spring.

Apart from the ECG feature, the Withings Move ECG comes with auto-activity tracking, sleep monitoring, a 12-month battery life and water-resistance up to 50m.

Withings Move ECG: Price and availability

The Withings Move is the more affordable than the Move ECG since it comes without the electrocardiogram features
Source: Withings

The Move ECG will set you back $129.95 (Dh477.5) but if you want all the features without the ECG feature, you can get the Withings Move for just $69.95. The cheaper Move comes with an 18-month battery-life and five different colours.

There is no official comment on local availability and pricing but do keep your eye on this space for further updates.