Swarovski to launch its first Android Wear watch

Is tech the new fashion statement?

There are not many days where fashion meets technology. After Emily Ratajkowski’s brief cameo for OnePlus yesterday, it looks like Swarovski wants to join the fun. At the ongoing CES 2017, the Austrian fashion firm announced their upcoming smartwatch designed for women.

The current trend for the adoption of smartwatches seems to have hit a brick wall. With Android Wear 2.0’s delays, companies like LG and Motorola have not discussed future smart watch plans as of yet. Amidst this, Swarovski seems confident in the potential the smart watch market may bring to benefit sales for the future.

The Austrian firm will look to unveil their smart watch at jewelry and watch exhibition, Baselworld.

The Austrian firm has had a fair share of attempts in this field but they have all been collaborations. The collection includes the studded Gear S in 2014 to the more recent Huawei Watch Jewel. The company has even worked with Isaac Mizrahi and HP to design their watch in the past. However this time around, the company is making their own from start to finish.

Unfortunately, not much about the watch has been confirmed. The company said it is teaming up with Qualcomm for processing power on the smart watch but nothing more. We are expecting to see the watch get announced at Baselworld – a watch and jewelry trade show that takes place in late March this year.

This would give Swarovski enough to time to implement Google’s latest Android Wear software onto the device knowing the company’s ‘Nexus’ smart watches are around the corner. If anything, it would be safe to assume the smart watch will come with its fair share of bling.