Canon’s latest XC15 aims at budding film enthusiasts in the UAE

Do you harbour dreams of film-making or YouTube stardom? The Canon XC15 could help you achieve these... or at least make a good stab at them


Canon’s newly announced XC15 aims at movie-making enthusiasts as well as the professional cinematographers. The Canon XC15 is a successor to the XC10, with upgrades such as a microphone adapter, better autofocus and a 24p frame option for cinematographers. The camera can capture 4K as well as Full HD video.

Recording with easy workflow integration

The XC15 is said to be an ideal B or C camera for film productions, thanks in part to its ability to record with Canon Log, providing the same 12 stops (800 per cent) of dynamic range as seen in the brand’s EOS C500. The camera can record UHD (3,840 x 2,160) 4K footage at 25p or 24p to an internal CFast 2.0 card at up to 305mbps, or Full HD to an SD card at up to 50mbps. The option to record at 24p, combined with the ability to select a Look setting, appeals directly to cinematographers as they are able to easily integrate footage from other cinema cameras, significantly improving their workflow. The shutter speed and shutter angle modes further support the camera’s operator to work in a more familiar way, says Canon.

Meeting the needs of today’s content creators  

If you’ve got a camera of this calibre, you know the importance of good sound. The XC15 includes the MA-400, a microphone adapter which allows professional-grade audio to be recorded via dual XLR connections that accept balanced and unbalanced microphones as well as line-level audio inputs. You can also capture 8.29MP still images while recording in 4K. When capturing stories or movies with immense amount of movement, the camera’s autofocusing is said to be quick and includes face detection for added functionality when framing a shot.

The Canon XC15 is useful for when you need to quickly capture a different point of view from an unusual or tight location, such as inside a car

Low-light capture

The XC-15’s low-light capabilities range from ISO 100 to 20,000, which should be good for conditions with poor lighting while on the move. It also has an integrated ND filter that helps when the light is too bright. The XC15 features a 1.0 type CMOS sensor and Canon’s DIGIC DV5 image processor, providing users with the ability to capture high-quality, low-noise 4K video with a shallow depth of field. The camera also features a 10x optical zoom lens with image stabilisation technology providing the ability to shoot a range of scenes, from portraits to large expanses of scenery.

Lightweight and compact design

The XC15’s compact size and lightweight makes it useful for shooting documentaries and news interviews, particularly when you need to quickly capture a different viewpoint from an unusual or tight location, such as inside a car. The camera’s body is ergonomically designed, featuring a rotating side hand grip. Additionally, the multi-angle touch LCD provides easy viewing whilst the loupe makes it easier to shoot in bright light or at eye level.

Always connected

The XC15 features built-in dual band Wi-Fi for Live View and easy remote control through a browser or smart device – a must-have for any videographer’s toolkit.