Can the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the Middle East help you?

An AWSome cloud computing platform


An company, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has now opened the AWS Bahrain Region. It will feature three availability zones made up of at least one data centre in Bahrain. Starting from today, developers, startups, enterprises as well as government, education and non-profit organisations can run their applications from these data centres located in the Middle East.

What is AWS?

In simple terms, AWS is a cloud computing platform. It is comprised of advanced and secure technology infrastructure that is seeing strong demand in the Middle East region. With its deployment here, AWS will match the scale of other AWS regions around the world.

Where will we see it?

Over millions of customers use AWS each month spanning 190 countries around the world. Included within the consumer base are tens of thousands of customers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Startups like, Careem, StarzPlay and Yallcompare among many others are building their businesses on top of AWS. By doing so, the businesses can scale rapidly and expand around the world.

Amazon Web Services enables businesses to go global in minutes

Aside from startups, enterprises and public sector entities such as the Ministry of Education and Bahrain iGA have all moved to AWS to drive cost savings and accelerate innovation. In the UAE, banking group Emirates NBD is using AWS’ artificial intelligence and machine learning services, data analytics and natural language processing technologies to simplify banking.

What is next?

To support the growth in cloud adoption across the region, AWS has made significant investments in education, training and certification programs. These range from instructor-led training, general public training events as well as over 500 free online training courses. For students and educators, the AWS Educate and AWS Academy programs are providing free resources. Both of these will accelerate cloud-related learning and prepare students in the Middle East for the jobs of the future.

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Training is vital for the adoption of this cloud technology (via Amazon)

Furthermore, the AWS Activate program will help enable working with incubators, government organisations and angel investors to make businesses go global in minutes. It is already in action at over 500 startups including 2071 in Abu Dhabi, BADIR in Saudi Arabia, Techstars, Hive and many more.


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