Camera Shootout: S7 Edge vs HTC 10


For a brief period we had both devices with us at the office. Both are flagships and share a DxOMark of 88 (the highest for smartphones right now). That could only lead to one thing: a camera shootout.

We unfortunately couldn’t do an extensive shootout due to the time window, but the shootout will give you a basic idea of how both cameras function and what results you will achieve from each device (click on the images to see them in full resolution).

All photos have been first taken in Auto mode and then in HDR.

Looking at Auto mode in our first set of images, the S7 Edge has more detail but is over-saturated while the HTC 10 handles whites better. In HDR, the S7 Edge’s colours are more exaggerated while the HTC 10 shows much more natural colours.

The above set of images again show Samsung taking the lead with detail and brightness but the HTC is a more apt representation if you’re a fan of realism in your smartphone photography. HDR doesn’t really change much in these images due to the immense availability of light at the point of taking the image.

In these images the focus point is the yellow light in the center of the images. Again there is a higher contrast in the images from the S7 Edge. The light captured on the HTC 10 is warmer. If you notice the leaves on the left side of the images, the S7 Edge has more detail in both Auto and HDR whereas in the HTC 10 images the detail improves with the use of HDR.

Dubai and a camera shootout always needs a luxury car, doesn’t it? Here too, the HTC 10 has more neutral colours and the S7 Edge shows its over-saturation. The dynamic range at the end of the S7 image in Auto mode almost ruins it. HDR helps the both devices with colour correction in this scenario.

In the case of a wide landscape view, the S7 Edge does this to almost smartphone perfection with the right amount of colour boost and detail. The HTC 10 on the other hand takes a great photo but with the lack of detail (noticeable on the trees at the left). HDR comes to the rescue for the HTC 10 as it improves the detail and structure of the image.


Both cameras are fantastic and deserve their score on DxOMark. In the end it’s the user’s choice since both devices offer great camera experiences but with differing results. What did you think of this brief comparison? Let us know.


(Images: Daanesh Kalyaniwalla)

(Video:Daanesh Kalyaniwalla, Gareth Kurt Warren)