Bose Soundsport Free: First Look

Three days in, the pros of good fit, battery and audio make these true wireless buds shine


Bose’s first foray into truly wireless in-ear headphones is geared and marketed towards athletes and exercise nuts who can’t hit the gym floor without music. I’m the latter and I’ve been excited to get my hands on these for a while now. I’ve been putting them to the test over the past few days and here’s what I think.

Bose SoundSport Free: Unboxing and Set-up

Right out of the box you’re greeted by a sleek flip-open box that acts as the home for each earpiece as well as its charging station. The button to open the box also triggers five small circular lights, which indicate the current battery level.

I’ve yet to deplete the headphones or the charging station from full charge. I’ve been using the earphones for about two hours at a go, once or twice a day over the past three days.

Set-up couldn’t be easier. It took me longer to figure out how to properly fit these in my ears. It’s equally simple really, you just place them in and twist, like a bottle cap for ears. As you adjust them, you’ll hear a Siri-esque voice letting you know battery life and that it’s searching for connection. A small instruction manual in the box will let you know you need to download The Bose Connect app and follow instructions. Get through a handful of steps in the app and you’re all set to go. You can even take a tour of the device through the app, understanding its functions and features.

Active Use

Being geared towards athletes, Bose touts the SoundSport’s sweat resistance and comfort. I can vouch for the latter based on my limited use in extremely sweaty conditions. I’ve generally stayed away from earphones for two reasons: most never fit my ears properly and after a short time they get very uncomfortable. The SoundSport Free get full marks on both. These buds fit easily and feel comfortable. I used them at work to test longer hours and they never got annoying or felt too foreign while nestled in my ears.

Sound and functionality

Bose is synonymous with high-quality audio devices. The SoundSport Free do not disappoint on this front. Music is always crisp and there’s enough volume to enjoy your favourite jam without hurting your eardrums or the song. I’ve had some connectivity issues here and there but these could be due to proximity to my phone or the fact that my phone’s old and has a cover on it. I’ll be testing it with more devices to ensure its efficacy.

The right earpiece has three buttons on it: increase volume, decrease volume and a play/pause button. The press on each button is harder than I’d like, sometimes dislodging the bud slightly from my ear while I try and adjust the volume or pause. The play/pause button also lets you answer and disconnect incoming phone calls. Tested them on a couple of phone calls and people on the other side always claim perfect sound, as if I’m holding a phone conventionally.

I have a lot more use to get out of it so wait for my full review on these babies coming soon!