Bose introduces new sound systems in the UAE


Yesterday at their store in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, Bose announced three new wireless systems meant just for those of us who love ‘staying in’. While one is a new soundbar, the other two are their new home entertainment systems.

Soundtouch 300 Soundbar


The Soundtouch 300 soundbar is a sleek device with an immense potential when it comes to sound. The speaker measures 38.5” W x 4.25” H x 2.25” D and is made from perforated wrap-around metal grille and gorgeous glass top.

The device comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. You can even stream Spotify, Pandora or any other music or video streaming service on the device. The soundbar uses Bose’s PhaseGuide® technology to ‘surround’ you with sound. So you might hear a sound from the back left corner from the room, but if you look over there isn’t a speaker on that end. Proprietary QuietPort™ technology ensures deep, clean bass at any volume without any distortion.  Bose added advanced DSP for detail and balance across all frequencies  and because every room’s size, shape and furnishings are different, the SoundTouch 300 uses ADAPTiQ® calibration to customize its sound to your home, automatically.

The Soundbar is said to be ‘modular in nature’ and its performance can be upped by adding Bose’s Acoustimass® 300 wireless bass module and/or the Virtually Invisible® 300 wireless surround speakers if you want to take your sound to the 5.1 dimension. The Soundtouch 300 also supports 4K which should work great for services like Netflix! Also, since its part of Bose’s Soundtouch series it can wireless connect will all Soundtouch devices and play wirelessly all across the house.

 Lifestyle 650 and 600 Home Entertainment Systems


lifestyle_650_005_hr_rgb_10x10The Bose Lifestyle 650 home entertainment system is seriously pretty! I was quite suprised by the system myself. The most distinguishing visual appeal of the system are the wireless ‘OmniJewel’ speakers which are Bose’s smallest yet. There 4 speakers are the size of your smartphone (maybe even smaller than some) and look just stunning. They’re made from anodized aluminium and apparently have ‘precisely’ 100 perforation in the center.

Like the SoundTouch 300, the 650 applies QuietPort technology and advanced DSP for depth, clarity and realism while ADAPTiQ adapts for acoustics in any space and 4K pass through with 6 HDMI inputs.  It too comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled with NFC, and is compatible with other SoundTouch systems for whole-home wireless audio.

The new Lifestyle 600 system is just below the Lifestyle 650 in the line-up, featuring many of the same luxuries with four, slightly larger Jewel Cube® satellite speakers and one Jewel Cube center channel speaker.

Pricing and Availability

The SoundTouch 300 soundbar, Acoustimass 300 bass module and surround speakers, and Lifestyle 650 and 600 systems are now available.

The SoundTouch 300 soundbar will be sold for AED 2,999.  Its optional bass module is available for AED 2,999; its acoustically matched surround sound speakers are available starting at AED 1,299. The Lifestyle 650 and 600 home entertainment systems will be sold for AED 16,599 and AED 12,599, respectively.  SoundTouch 300 and Lifestyle products are sold at Bose retail stores and authorized Bose dealers.


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