Bluetooth 5 is now the future

With faster transfer speeds for bigger files faster at a longer range, you can expect those embarrassing videos from last night's karaoke to spread around the office quicker than wildfire.

Bluetooth 5

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has officially adopted Bluetooth 5 as the latest version of the core specification this week. The main updates of Bluetooth 5 are longer range, faster speed and larger broadcast message capacity. Other changes include improved inter-operability and coexistence with other wireless technologies. One of the biggest advancements is that it will continue to advance the Internet of Things (IoT) experience by enabling simplified interactions across any compatible and connected devices.

However, this doesn’t mean that we’ll see the changes right away. The SIG expects products equipped with Bluetooth 5 to arrive in the next six months, or with the next wave of smartphones. Users can expect four times the range, twice the speed and eight times the amount of data in broadcast messages. Smartwatches should be able to see major upgrades in terms of connection speeds and reduced interference with other wireless devices.

Bluetooth 5 offers the flexibility to build IoT solutions based on the features required by connected devices. Range, speed and security can all be adjusted for a variety of environments and end products. The increased speed lays the foundation for the next generation of Bluetooth audio, while the improved range will deliver connections that make full environment use cases a reality.

The new version comes with updates that will cut down potential interference with other wireless technologies to ensure that Bluetooth-connected devices can coexist within an IoT environment. It delivers all of this on a low-energy mode, allowing for flexible and functional app and device development.

However, don’t go rushing out to buy a device compatible with the technology just yet. It will be quite a some time before we see any sort of change in our technological environment. To have devices and technologies completely compatible with each other over this network will take a few years. So hold on to your Bluetooth 4.2 for now.


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